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Mr Locario’s New Book is Here!

Oh, you have never heard a title so direct, blunt and honest for a long time, if not in your life. Mr Locario’s new book ‘How To Have Sex With 2 Women A Day’is here and keeping it truthful. The book’s information is reinforced and expressed with a film production that Mr Lacario and crew put together. So for those of you who find it hard to pick up a book, you have being luckily catered for. Continue reading


Science and the Art

Science of Relationships

There is a difference between the ART of sex and relationships and the SCIENCE of sex and relationships. The differences that was more noticeable in a non-technologized era is now confused and muddle. A man (or woman) does not have to choose between the two but use both to arouse and strengthen bond. But both must be recognized to be used.

Men have to be careful today about certain documentaries that they watch claiming what to do to attract the opposite sex, simply because there are men out there who have nothing but still have women throwing themselves at them. Such men have mastered the art of sex and relationship and this art like almost everything in a relationship begins when a man is being Manly or more manly so that a woman recognizes masculinity. Continue reading

Going Natural

Natural Hair

Something about women with natural hair that just brings out a woman in a different way. Women say that because of breakage and time, weave, wigs, a barcode and dead hair has to be worn. Some women are just following fashion. In these days and time, seems like things are changing. Continue reading

Malaga and Marbella (Spain)

Alright, just came back from a four day holiday for one of my peoples stag do. 11 of us went and it was crazy. It was non-stop, music bumping, constant socializing, wild playing, no sleeping, partying all night long. People really do throw caution to the wind on a holiday.Gosh damn it was wild.

We went Malaga and Marbella in Spain. Check it out for real, place got some beautiful sites. The beaches there is amazing and the lifestyle there is different to. If you go to the city center, Porter Buanos (something like that), you’ll see and experience the lifestyle of the rich and wealthy. Continue reading

Smart Guy Episode: Achy Breaky Heart

Smart Guy

Sometimes a man has to be aware that he is the rebound guy. If a woman has just left a relationship, she doesn’t want to be alone and she will feel horny from not getting it on a regular like she use to, so she will look for a rebound guy. Rebound guy are mostly used for sex not necessarily a relationship or for love. But a true to the game man can change the tides from being a rebound guy to binding her heart. The word rebound guy like everything in a relationship is just a title not behavior. Titles are not set and behaviors can change.