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A man who pays for sex is known by prostitutes and Pimps as a trick. Such men believe that as long as they got money they have the power. They believe they are magicians ‘tricking’ a hoe into doing anything they want as long as they dangle money. Prostitutes play along because it is the money they are after not the sex. This means that they will boost the man’s ego, show off body parts and pretend.

They will fake everything to trick the man into giving up the money. Prostitutes are the true ‘magicians’ here. They have learnt the art of manipulation into tricking men to give more and more money. They are taught by Pimps.

A trick (a man who pays for sex) could be married and with kids but still spend his money on Prostitutes. Prostitutes never withold sex, conversation or time so most unhappy married men will go to and spend money to these prostitutes to have their ego catered to. A trick can spend as much money as he makes depending on the type of prostitute he wants.

A trick (a man who pays for sex) will deceive himself by saying it isn’t tricking (spending money on sex) as long as he got it. But it is tricking because when he constantly spends he hasn’t got it (a prostitute is not really an investment. It can only be invested by the Pimp). Tricks are usually Simps (feeble and uneffective in their relationships or marriage) so they cater to gaining ‘power’ by having a prostitue tell them they are strong and effective.

All men that come to a prostitute are known as tricks. It is like a reminder for a prostitute to play mind and sex tricks on them. A trick will always comes back to be tricking if the performance is good. He always wants to see a trick, he’s money’s worth.

Money burning




When angry youngsters come together to form a group they are known as gangsters (Group +anger+ youngsters=Gangsters). Gangsters are angry at the system, at society or they are simply lashing out because of the anger and hatred caused by their up bringing.

Some are angry because of fear and joined or formed the group because of this fear. They were probably constantly bullied and abused either by their parents or at workplace or school. The anger is the common emotion that brings them together. They feel protected in a group but the problem is that the anger is still there so they merely lash out as a group. The lashing out comes in the forms of crimes.

The group can be filled with playas and some choose later on to become Macks or Pimps. These youngsters can be said to have had terrible hugs or tough hugs as in tough love, which labels them thugs (Tough hugs (love)=Thugs). Been strict and tough love are two different things, one must not confuse the two. Thugs are those that were mentally and physically abused.

Any gangster who goes around sneaking or spreading the group’s ‘plans’, are known as a snitch (a sneak + itch=snitch) or to be snitching (sneaking + itch=snitching). A sneak is like an itch that can ‘destroy’ the group. Gangsters are also known as thugs.

Women say that they love thugs because thugs project toughness (not power). Women believe that they can cater to the love that a thug (gangster) never received. The nuturing nature makes a woman believe that she can change him, all he needs to know is that somebody cares. But thugs (gangsters) usually take their anger out on the woman, they will hit her. Women get emotionally attached to the toughness because it makes them feel safe and protected so if they are abused the emotional attachment or the toughness that he potrays is seen as love.

Now not all groups that come together are angry, some want to bring everybody together and they are known as an organization (organize the nation or organized nation). These could consists of playas, Macks and Pimps.

Some gangsters usually stop been angry and want out but loyalty and bond has been created in the group. So trying to get out is like been disloyal. Why would you want to get out of the ‘family’? The people that showed you love and protection?

There are gangsters (thugs) who don’t hit women, they actually get over protective of them. They understand what the women are trying to do and appreciate them for it. This brings about the meaning thug loving. Not only that but thugs (gangsters) are said to be great in bed, they are sexually aggressive. Women love the toughness of the thug not the lifestyle.

Thug Loving



A player generally lacks stability.

A Pimp lacks emotions (he has to remove them in order to handle his stable [bunch of hoes] and maintain power).

But a man who doesn’t lack is a Mack. Just replace the letter ‘l’ with ‘M’ (Mack + no lack)=Mack

A Mack has a choice and is in between a Player and a Pimp.


This translates to:


A player only wants and focuses on sex.

A Pimp only wants and focuses on the money.

But a Mack has a choice to either transact with a woman to have sex or money. He chooses, the choice is there. A Mack maintains his integrity at all times, he is charismatic and influential. A Mack is the type that will and can get along with a woman’s family.

He doesn’t lie about getting what he wants but understands that he must deal with himself first before trying to even step to a woman. He must not lack in character and must not lack mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, psychologically and emotionally. Where a Mack differs from a Pimp is in the emotions. A Mack is charamatic, he will smile, laugh, groove and can be the life of the party. A Pimp is more cold and reserved.

But a Mack at most times use the Pimp Mentality. A Pimp will use some Mack skills as well as a form of psychology to keep a hoe emotionally attached. A Pimp will use Mack and Hustlers skills to maintain control. A Pimp normally hang around other pimps or hustlers.

A Mack is impeccable with his words. He has to be able to persuade while maintaining integrity. Which means no lying, no flashing or flossing, no hyping of any sort. He must be cool, calm and collected. A Mack has good dress sense.When it comes to sex, he performs, he doesn’t lack.

One would say that it is harder to be a Mack than a pimp but this would be incorrect because emotions are hard to keep locked up. A Mack will save his money and refrain from buying stuff that is not needed.In a relationship he will use money to travel, buy gifts when it is appropriate (birthdays, anniversaries and so on), he will use his money to spicing up his relationship not for approval or even romance (this is what Simps do). Romance is not out of the question but he lets his woman know that it is not a form of ‘worship’ but strategies to increase their bond in the relationship. A woman can only respect this.

Macks will play a hoe and will take a while to finally settle down and maintain a relationship. Why just have one woman and ‘lack’ other women? is the mentality here. Like the pimp, they focus on money first and women last. They work on generating attraction and attracting women instead of chasing women like players do. Once attraction begins a Mack can use his words effectively to finalize the attraction. In other words he will be either getting sex or money soon if not in that moment, depending on his choice.

If in a relationship Macks can keep a relationship going and can illuminate power. A woman feels special and has fun with a Mack, fun not work, this is the difference between a hoe with a pimp. A Mack is good at assessing, after all he has to assess before he decides what he wants from a woman (sex or money).

If he meets a woman who does not value her hole (vagina), a hoe. He normally uses her for money or to get other materials. If he meets whores or prostitutes, he will normally refrain from any interaction. See, whores (a hoe who sleeps with everybody seeking love or because she feels like it) and prostitutes (a hoe who charges for sex with her) doesn’t really benefit anyone but a pimp. He is reminded that he is no pimp. But sometimes, he can get some info because whores and prostitutes normally do know the neighbourhood.

A Mack is not a square player, and there are a lot of square players out there. Square players are those who think they are players but have no idea what they are doing (they have no idea how to play).

A square is someone who doesn’t know what is going on from all sides. A square is mostly ignorant because they do not think outside the box. They are not willing to learn because they think they know it all. So a square player is one who thinks they know the game but don’t.

This is why it is said that:

Square players get played,
Pimps get paid,
Macks persuade.

In order for a Mack to persuade, he’s mouth piece (words) must be very effective. The letter ‘M’ could also stand for maintainence. At the end of the day a Mack, like the Players and Pimps lacks no confidence.

Movie Monday’s

In Los Angeles, Nikki is homeless, car-less and closing in on 30, but he’s amoral, good-looking, and adept in the sack, moving from one wealthy woman of 35 or 40 to another, a kept boy-toy. His newest gig, with Samantha, an attorney whose house overlooks L.A., is sweet, although it’s unclear how long she’ll put up with him. Then Nikki meets Heather, a waitress. Is the player being played, or might this be love? What will Nikki discover?

Tons of game in this movie, take it for what it’s worth!



Definition of a Simp– simple, is feeble, a walk over and very ineffective in his relationship.

Add power to a Simp, you get a Pimp (Simp+ Power=Pimp). Basically replace the letter ‘s’ with the letter ‘P’.

A Pimp can be described in two ways, 1) by what he is described as and 2) by what he does.

1) A Pimp by what he is- Power (not dominance, more like a hold) over his women (hoes), uses feebleness as a technique and very effective in his relationships.

2) A Pimp by what he does- Properly, Inspiring, Managing, Prostitutes (P.I.M.P).

A hoe is a woman who will open up her legs to anyone. If you take away the letter ‘l’ from hole, you have a hoe. A Hoe is nothing but a hole to stick the dick in. They are women who do not value their hole (vagina). A hoe who sleeps around with anyone because she feels like it is generally called a Whore. See it like this:

A hoe who is worn out from so many dicks and still wants more is a Whore. The words ‘worn out’ can be prounced wor out, so wor + hoe=Whore. She opens up her legs to anybody who is willing to give her love. Deep down it is love that she is seeking and she feels like opening up her legs is the way to receive it. It stems from what may have happened or what she may have seen in her upbringing.

When a Pimp comes along, he aims to turn a hoe’s (or a whore’s) ways into a professional attribute by using her institution (body). Professional (her skills) + Institution (her body)= Prostitution. But a Pimp will set up an Institute containing more than one hoe getting him money. So Professional (her skills) + Institute (her place of ‘work’)= Prostitute.

A Prostitute is a hoe who charges and gets paid for giving up sex. Her clients are normally Simps and tricks never a playa, Mack or other Pimps. But other Pimps can take a hoe from another Pimp but there are rules to this, there are rules to the game.

A Pimp is the person that all the hoes give the money to and he’ll look after the money and invest it in getting accessories, necessities and in case he needs to bail any hoe out of jail. A hoe goes to him to be empowered and to be taught how to be effective in getting more money by knowing how men think and by knowing how men behave.

He fattens each one with knowledge. Fat + her (each one of his hoes is a ‘her’ or a ‘she’)=Father. They see him as a father figure and call him daddy. He schools them and they make money. Together they get rich because some pimps do invest in other things.

A Pimp will use sex as a reward and all the hoes want sex from him. He will choose one hoe who is his top hoe to keep all the other hoe’s in line. Women listen to other women more see, so he passes most of his messages to his top hoe. All the hoe’s he has will be emotional attached to him and will most likely stay no matter what he does but they can be taken away by other Pimps if a Pimp attempts to ‘break’ (take) her.But there are rules to the game.

A Pimp has to be emotionless.The less emotions he shows the more power he seems to illuminate. The less emotions he shows the harder he is to read. He has to be like a god to these hoes and he must be able to handle their emotions. This is why it is good to have a top hoe, in the Pimp world they call the top hoe’s bottom b*tches.

A Pimp fears losing control. He knows that if he loses control of himself and his emotions he may lose all his hoes (the stable).He aims to ‘break’ (convert) more hoes into prostitution because that equals more money. But a Pimp doesn’t go looking but they normally come to him. When they do then he uses his rap (his words) to ‘break’ (convert) her.

A Pimp hardly ever has sex with his hoes but will use it as a reward if a hoe makes more money than predicted. This control and discipline earns him his hoe’s respect but they will try to increase the temptation for him to sleep with them. A Pimp properly, inspires and manages a prostitute (P.I.M.P) and this is referred to as Pimping.

A lion has his pride (that is what a lion group is called)

Even priests have nuns but

A Pimp has hoes (prostitutes)-his stable.

The game for a Pimp is cop and blow which means he gets hoes and loses hoes. A hoe will join and a hoe will leave. A Pimp is not fazed because that is the game. But some Pimps will break the number one rule that you don’t do and that is fall in love with a hoe. Even if he is in love, showing it will decrease his power (hold) over the other hoes. All the hoes are always jealous of each other. This is the man that they can’t easily have because he doesn’t give up sex so easily so they will fight if it seems like he is showing favourtism to one more than the other. This is why most hate the bottom b*tche (the top hoe) but they know that any bad report to the Pimp (their ‘daddy’) will get them in trouble.

This is why a Pimp usually doesn’t stay in the same house as his stable (he’s bunch of hoes). But if and when they don’t see him they want him more and the emotional attachment grows. If he stays hidden for to long without rapping (using his words) to them to build the emotional attachment, he may lose them all. A pimp has a hold (power) on these hoes and only he decides when he wants to settle down and have kids. But sometimes giving sex as a rewards will make a hoe pregnant and when that happens he either puts the baby and mother (hoe) in a different location (away from all the other hoes) and looks after them from a distance or he asks her to leave the stable and ignore them. Her value has decreased, she cannot make any money in her state.

It is said that a Pimp is sworn in, you can’t just become a Pimp. There are rules to the game. A real Pimp is born a pimp because his dad was a pimp. Any Simps, tricks, players and macks looking to be a Pimp must seek out a Pimp because pimping has many rules and is serious business mann. A man must totally transform. But once he knows the game, he can basically get any woman (hoes) he wants.

Some pimps will hit their hoes but most don’t, it is important to understand that a hoe can leave at anytime but it is the emotional attachment that keeps her there. Why would she leave her ‘daddy’? Its all psychology!

At the end of the day, a pimp meets, manages, sleeps and learns from all women (hoes) of different shapes, colour and sizes and they all love him. The hold is strong but do note that there are different types of pimps. The game is still cop and blow. A pimp is only as strong as the control he has over himself.

Disclamier:A father can also fatten his son with knowledge. The word ‘he’ is also in the word ‘her’. So still fat+her=father. Both son and daughters can get schooled (fat with knowledge).

Pimp Cup



Let’s simplify this,

A vagina is a Hole (women) and a penis is a stick (men).

Players are men who play in the Game to win sex. They are also prounced as playas, as in play to get as$ (play+as$=playas or if its singular, play+as$=playa).

All Holes (women) see men as payers. Payers of time, money and attention.

Men who don’t want to pay but play are players.All players see women as hoes. Take the letter ‘l’ from Holes and add it to the word ‘payers’ to get Players. The word ‘Holes’ is now missing an ‘l’ which make hoes.A payer has seen through the tactic of a woman (hole) to get him to pay and this indirectly makes the woman (hole) give up her letter ‘l’ because the payer now wants to be a player. He can’t take women seriously so he decides he wants to play, hence he becomes a player. Players see all women as hoes.

A player just wants to play the Game for the ‘prize’. The prize to them is sex. They want sex with as many hoes (women) as they can.A player doesn’t care about the insults or the bad press (player haters) that society gives him, to him all he is doing is teaching a woman a lesson for been a hoe. To him he is paying her back for trying to treat him like a payer and not a man. So in his mind, women deserve to be played because its play or be played and it was her that made him realize this. She didn’t keep it real with him so now she is seen as a hoe. If he gets played (been treated like a payer) it costs him a lot but if he plays there is no delay in getting the prize (sex).

A payer is the man that wines and dines, buys gift, take her places and tries to impress the woman (hole) just to eventually have sex. A woman is likely to withold sex so that he keeps paying. But a player is the man that will do whatever is necessary to get the prize (sex). He will lie, he will scheme, he will devise many plans to be strategic and expressive. He will use his money to take her out but only to make a lie effective. He will not spend too much but invest a lot of time. He will not cater to her every needs but cater to her company. Meaning he will be there for her and say what he has to say in order for the draws to come off.

A player will do these to a bunch of women (hoes). All he will be doing is playing, he will play a lot of them and ‘teach’ them a lesson for been a hoe. All he wants is sex, nothing serious. Sometimes a player will let his women know that there are others but lie to them that they are the only one he thinks about all the time. Sometimes a player will say nothing and just concentrate on covering his tracks.

He’s best form of strategy is to lie. He caters to a ‘hoe’s’ emotions this way. A player’s biggest fear is getting caught. Once he gets caught he has to start all over again but deal with too much emotional pain. It does hurt him and stagnates him from playing for a while. He will once again need to build momentum. But if he has been stupid enough to play within the same areas (playgrounds) words about him will get around quickly and women will hesitate to come near.

They will hesitate but not totally stay away from him because a true player truly does know how to play and can play on a hoe’s emotions well. But if he was great in bed, words about this will get around as well and build up curiosity in a woman (hoe) instead of resentment. So really a player can get into motion quickly provided he is skillful in bed. Even after getting caught the same hoes will still meet with him to give him the ‘prize’ (sex).

Eventually most players get weary and want something more meaningful. They start to seek out a serious relationship. But the problem is that they still see women as hoes, afterall to them they do deserve getting played. But after a while a player starts to see valuable Holes (women) instead of hoes (women who open up their legs to anyone). A player soon becomes more willing to share is life with a woman (hole). When he does share, a hoe becomes valuable and gains the letter ‘l’ back through sharing. See it like this:

Take the letter ‘l’ in player and share it with a hoe. Remember the keyword is share so you get the word ‘phlayeroe’ (thats play and hoe sharing together) separated out you get the words player and hole with one letter ‘l’ been shared. So the player gets to use his skills on one woman (hole) and values her. His playing skills in this case is used to excite the relationship. The woman who was considered a hoe gets paid (afterall he still a payer, as in he does have to pay attention to her and make her feel wanted) maximum attention to her as she gives him the ‘prize’ (sex). Both of them win.

If a player in a relationship starts acting simpish or pays too much attention to his woman (the hole, the sex instead of her mind as well) to the point of ‘suffocation’, the bond (the letter ‘l’ that keeps them together) starts to bend and eventually break. Once the bond (the letter ‘l’) is broken then there is no longer a player but a payer and a hoe. The hoe will be played by another player. In other words she will cheat. But a payer can always become a player (he meets another woman [hole] and takes her ‘l’ because he sees a hoe) and a hoe can always value her hole therefore share with a payer to be a player and only play with her in a relationship. In other words the payer and hoe can rebuild their status.

But most players say that they will play for life because it is the only way that these hoes will stop been hoes. But players are the opposites of jigalos (jigalos get paid by women for sex. They are also called male prostitutes).A player and jigalo are at opposite ends of their spectrums. The behaviours are inbetween.


How to be a player

Paying homage : Tariq Nasheed


Tariq Nasheed is a controversial author, radio host, and television and online personality.Nasheed’s books on dating and finding women include various books including the best seller The Art of Macking and his latest best seller The Elite Way, television appearances include Late Night with Conan O’Brien, MTV’s Made, VH1’s charmed school and the Current TV series Joe Gets.He is widely quoted on issues of race relations, intimate relationships and infidelity, and politics, He has also been a regular speaker on topics of sex and relationships on college campuses.  In addition to his already impressive resume he’s the  host of macklessonsradio show, a candid broadcast speaking on a myriad of different subjects.  Currently Tariq is on a city wide lecture tour.

For the pas 20+ years Tariq Elite has been bringing pertinent game to men of all races.  Not only has he been rehabilitating guys who have been void of game, but he has been on the forefront representing all of the alpha males, macks, and urban renassaince men of the world.

For this we would like to express our thanks, the brotherhood salutes you Mr. Nasheed!



Defintion of a Wimp– A wimp is a feeble and ineffective person.

If you replace the letter ‘w’ with ‘s’ you get a Simp.

A Simp is a man who is a walk over. He allows women or his woman to walk over him. He takes all disrespectful as a simple or natural display of women. He consider it as women been just women because they are emotional by nature. He feels no shame to beg, plead or lavish for sex and approval. A Simp could spend all his earnings for his woman to accept him.

They think that everything is so simple if they strive to keep a woman happy with money and by doing her bidding. They don’t mind been door mats as long as they get the simple life. As long as the woman is accepting them whether through respect or disrespect they will continue lavishing. But their behaviour brings no respect but a Simp will deceive himself saying to himself that he’s woman’s disrespect is the way she respects. He is too afraid to put a woman in her place.

They are afraid to warn her and say no. They fear losing their women so they submit to her and give her all the power. Simps believe that if they do anything their woman wants she will keep wanting them because he provides. He may provide but he is not respected. He may provide but he isn’t seen as a man.

The Simp is the way he is because he was raised to cater women. He was told that the best way to get and keep a woman is to lavish her and not upset her. He was told to be a gentleman and to be gentle all the way no matter what she does to him. The Simp was raised to show respect even if the woman doesn’t deserve it. He is raised up to believe that ‘unconditional love’ will give him respect. Nobody told him that putting a woman in check (her place), teaching a woman, rewarding her because she deserves it and keeping his emotions in control will not only give him respect but maximum love as well.

The letter ‘s’ in Simp could stand for ‘shivering’ or ‘scared’ but overall he is a Simpleton.The opposite of a Simp is a Pimp (the letter ‘p’ standing for power. Replace the letter ‘s’ with the letter ‘p’). A Simp can become a Pimp but first he has to stop the fear of losing his woman and replace it by working on been a powerful man.

In conclusion:

Simp= simple, is feeble, a walk over and very ineffective in his relationship.

Pimp = Power (not dominance, more like a hold) over his woman, uses feebleness as a technique and very effective in his relationship.

Disclaimer: The aim here is not to turn anyone into a Pimp but to use a Pimp as a comparison to a Simp. They are the opposite side of their spectrum (in between are the behaviours).

Simp ****************************** Pimp



A Hoe. A woman who sleeps around to get anything she wants or to get promoted. A woman who will have many kids and go through many abortions as she opens her legs to any man who is willing to sustain her. She will sometimes be a whore, meaning that she will just sleep with any man for the fun of it. She will allow men to run a train (many men falling in line to take turns penetrating her) on her. A hoe is a woman who will open up her legs to anyone. If you take away the letter ‘l’ from hole, you have a hoe. A Hoe is nothing but a hole to stick the dick in.


Captain-Save-A-Hoe. A man who comes to the rescue of a woman who has many kids by many different men, who has tattoos covered from head to toes to gain attention, who wastes all his money on doing her nails, hair and getting new tattoos to get more attention. He will come to the rescue of a woman (hoe) who will open up her legs to anyone. A captain-save-a-hoe will do all of this for sex. He will pay bills, babysit the woman’s kids while she goes out to have a night (hoe) out. He will pay for her nail dos, hair dos and new tattoos. He will drive her around and cater to her every need. He is a trick and a Simp all in one. He aims to rescue a woman from her ‘misery’. He doesn’t need to know the story as to why she got herself in the situation she is in, he merely feels a sense of power getting her out of it. His reward to him is the sex, afterall he is her hero.

There are other ways to be powerful brothers! (no cape needed!)

Disclaimer: Not all hoes have tattoos and not all women that have tattoos are hoes.The character should be looked at.