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Chess Moves

Chess Moves:  The Female Wingmen


On the last Segment I mentioned the female Wingman.  Now I’ve done this plenty of times, and this is some of the advance stages of mackdom.

Basically having a female wingman is going out with a platonic female friend that your cool with, and having her assist you in pulling in more woman.  In some cases you can also help assist her in getting a fly dude, or chick.(if she’s into

What are the benefits of having a wingwoman?

  • Increases your social value in the eyes of women
  • Presents you as a limited resource which makes you more desirable
  • Provides you with immediate social acceptance

    How to pull it off?

    Now some of the ways you can pull this off is buy going to a club, or a bar with her.  You can walk in with her like she’s your girlfriend.  Just dancing with her.  Just by being seen with her you’re effectively attracting and increasing your stock with the chicsk in the venue.

    The only real rules that must be met when recruiting a female wingman, unless you’re trying to get a threesome popped off, make sure she’s

    1.)Extremely Beautiful- The woman , that other woman see you with are a reflection of you like the moon is of the sun.  Think of them as representatives for club Yung Suave, and if you trying to get new employees with broad looking like crypt creepers, that’s probably what you’re going  to attract.

    2.)A Platonic Friend – We wouldn’t want  a chick catching feelings.  Hell you try this with a chick who’s possessive or is obssessed with you she can get jealous and start to throw salt in your game.

    On rare cases I’ve even had a wingwoman spit for me, or I’ve even had a broad pulling broads to a point where she’s was waiting at a table for the woman I wanted.

    Now most playas ask, but what’s in it for the wingwoman?  I most cases alot of woman just love the feeling of playing match maker.  But if the chick ain’t like that I think it’s only fair to put in the same type of work her as he does for you.  I’m firm believer in reciprocation.


    How to Spot a Diva

    Using the Beyoncian definition of diva to be a female version of a hustler, I wanted to draw a line between the average woman and a diva and why when you seen these characteristics about her, make sure to include her on your team. These traits are essential to really building a strong foundation with her and you should almost carry around a checklist like this when you’re out in social functions so you can be prepared. Divas are on the endangered species list right now, taken over by the carnivorous chickenhead population, the ambition-less and goal challenged. We’re going to have some fun with this one so don’t take it too seriously. If you do, perhaps you need a tune up on your life goals.

    She’s less interested in what you ‘do’ than in what you’re ‘building’…

    The precursory “what do you do” never escapes conversation, and with good right, as it is important to gauge where you are in life presently. Why waste your time with someone who obviously isn’t on the same wavelength as you? After that’s been taken out of the mix, the conversation should progress naturally to future goals, plans and aspirations on its own. If it doesn’t, if she is cognizant that you have more to you than the nice car outside and the number of drinks she can receive from you (which should be none by the way, divas can buy their own drinks) move on to the next one. On the other hand, if she matches goal for goal with you, as equally into where you hope to go as you are in her, you definitely have the makings of a diva.

    She’s learned from past mistakes…

    Past mistakes could be as simple as a missed opportunity at work , a bad dating choice or as severed as having an unplanned child or young marriage but the operative here is learned. That means that she’s better for it and understands that she’s grown from it. She’s a fighter for it and that in itself is something that is essential to a diva. You might think I’m joking when I say that you will run into more mentally defeated women than you will divas but that is the truth. The same applies to men for women so you know I’m not playing the misogynistic tone here. As easy as it is to be average, the lure is a hard one to ignore.

    She has a clearcut view on her life now and in the future…

    She doesn’t have to have a 20 year plan or anything as stringent but she should have an idea of what she wants to do in the immediate future. The thing about self planning is it is not what you plan; but that you do. If she understands the process of drafting her ideas into tangible, reachable objects, that means that you have someone that you won’t have to stop and break down each individual step to.

    She has an inkling of what Hustle truly is…

    To compliment the last point a bit in this one, even if she has no clue what it is exactly that she wants to do with her life, that she knows that she needs to look for it is an accomplishment in itself. In a sense it is like the mentally ill person who understands that they are having delusions or their inner peace is off enough to warrant the attention of someone more versed in it than they. The same applies to Hustle. That innate desire to learn more, better herself and elevate her position is a driving force that will have her in a state of constant change; terrible isn’t good enough, good isn’t the best and the best can always be better.

    She’s not adverse to improving herself by any means necessary…

    You can tell a lot about a person by what they won’t do. Notwithstanding anything immoral, illegal or unethical, on the ascension to greatness, no stone should be unturned and paper, at any level, is still paper and worth going after. If you’re getting “I don’t want to go back to school” for a quick flip trade or second language, you’re dealing with an individual with a stunted view on growth. If she’s against working a little overtime or picking up a side gig to cover start up costs for her Hustle, you’re dealing with someone not willing to inconvenience themselves for the greater good. A diva, like her male counterpart, is willing to go to 11 to get it done without question or worry.

    She doesn’t take her entertainment seriously…

    Real Housewives of Atlanta, mani/pedis, what jumpoff of the moment is creeping with every rapper in the industry and the interoffice gossip network. These are examples of things that cloud the average chick’s mind day in and out. Their eyes left the prize a long time ago and instead settled on the Tivo assisted television. A woman who is about hers lets that foolishness sit right where it is supposed to be–the downtime before she goes to sleep AFTER the work is done. I’m not condoning the willing brain rot that garbage like that provides but I understand that everyone needs a vice so I won’t go overboard. A diva is well aware that the programming on the set will not make her wealthier and instead of cuing up another hour long buffoon-a-thon whenever she can, she focuses on her Hustle as her primary entertainment.

    She isn’t content…

    In my life I’ve had the pleasure of meeting forward thinking women who was willing to go out there and find the answer on her own; in that same breath I’ve been burdened by women who take no social clues whatsoever. These are the types that you encounter frequently who swear up and down that they’re an “independent chick” but have no independent leg to stand on. Same as some guys, having a steady job, a decent car and a good apartment is not independence. At the very most, that is a stable foundation to build on, not put up the overalls, brush the dirt from your hands and go find some lemonade to relax with. It kills me that people want cookies and gold stars for the things that they’re supposed to be doing anyways! You’re supposed to be able to do for yourself and buy yourself the occasional treat. You’re supposed to be able to go to Hawaii for your vacation. That’s not extraordinary, that’s extra ordinary! You are not supposed to be down and out on your ass kicking it Skid Row style. That’s not the place to grow from, it’s the place to go from! like 50 Cent said in “God Gave Me Style” ‘You’re out the ‘hood, that’s good/ Now stay on the grind’. Celebrate the smallest victory yet reach for the biggest accomplishment you can fathom. Being middle of the road and ho-hum will not, I repeat, will not, cut it in 2011. Success or Die.

    The Mack Pack(Re-Visited)

    Here’s a picture taken of me & other like minded macks  in club Atlantis in Toronto, ON.  (During Caribana Weekend)

    This Canadian Invasion was something for the books with everybody putting in work! :)I was very excited the moment my plane touched down that wed, but higly estatic this whole night.  I’m one of those kats who like to go on fishing trips with my father,cousins, uncles, and is only entirely satisfied when everybody is catching fish.  I can attest to the warm feeling I felt,  when one of the playas  up and disappear only to see them getting some ass threw back at em from som hatian dime from across the room.  Or for  me to pull some bad Ethiopian chick only to see one of the kats smirk at you from across the room as they’re talking to some cambodian dime!  And my favorite moment of all  had  to be just posting up,  getting philosophical and  just  chopping up game as you receive  visions through your perifial  of  groups of dimes entering the club attempting to eye f*ck the hell out of you and your squad.Definitely a much different pace & feel than rolling solo!

    Human Voltron

    Nice Guys finish last?

    🙂 Funny interview from a young 2 pac.  Funny half of these kats are acting real thuggish to impress the hoodrats in their hood. SMFH!  Look at tupac when he was younger, seems as though he started getting on that “thug” foolishness as he got older and into his late teens early 20’s(.a.k.a the most difficult period in a man’s life)

    Focus on her Soul

    Soul image

    A lot of men find it hard to get or keep a woman. The lack of ability to get women can result negatively in a man’s work. His mission suffers. Some men go to extreme length to pay for a woman’s company, trying to fill the emptiness of not knowing what to do to attract or keep a woman. Desperation surfaces. Many men have it backwards, to get a woman or keep a woman is to change focus. The perception that women are givers instead of receivers first has to be destroyed. A man makes the first move. He leads!

    Most men, lets say 95%, focus on the physical attribute to get and keep a woman. Physical attributes attract but in no way does loving her body keep her. Women are internal beings. Everything is on the inside. Everything is feeling based. The insides of a woman is much more important than the outside. This unknown phenomena got men ‘forcing time’ trying to make things happen quickly with women. Most men usually rush to get at a woman, aiming to be first before another man gets there. To a woman, it reveals his sexual intentions. Patience is a virtue! Taking time to know a woman will allow her to instill the man in her being. She starts to mirror the man subconsciously. He gets in her system.

    Another man may get there first with hastiness only to run into many problems that hastiness brings. Much more obstacles appears without strategy. Hasty men may get into a relationship with a woman later to realize that it will not last. He wasn’t prepared! He was too busy competing to lead. A lot of men have instabilise themselves with the notion that the longer they wait, the sooner they will be put into the friendship zone. Nonsense! A man is put into the friendship zone by the way he ACTS not in his ability to wait. The ability to wait brings stability. He does nothing stupid. He does nothing to put her off and better yet it gives him time to strategize.

    Don’t get titles confused with virtues fellas. Women can say or do a lot of things to test a man. What they feel soon becomes apparent through the contradictions of what was said or done before. Women are led by emotions and emotions are unpredictable.This explains why a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer eventually succeeds. Still, understand that sucess in getting a woman does not mean stability.

    Money will not keep her but it helps. Financial freedom will enable most women to tolerate a man. This doesn’t ensure respect or her love. Women have been known to cheat while claiming to be in ‘love’. Not even love can make a woman stay. Being led by her emotions gets her in trouble. The unpredictability of emotions allows women to be easily controlled. Yet this two edged sword can cause a man to be cheated on in a relationship. The remedy is to focus on the soul!

    The Mind of a woman is a pathway to her soul,
    The eyes of a woman are the window to the soul,
    The Heart of a woman is the gateway to her soul,
    The Name of a woman is the identity of her soul,
    The vagina of a woman is an entrance to her body.

    Connecting to a woman’s mind, keeps her acknowledgement of a man. A woman finds herself thinking of the man. He is smart, charming, he is everything she wants him to be. He occupies her mind.

    The heart is a fragile organ. Women are easily hurt. The heart should be seen like a petal, handled with care with the words of assurance and encouragement. ‘Praising’ and ‘worshipping’ her for her looks or the way she does things only translates to insecurities. More appreciation is needed not adoration. A woman wants to be loved and wants to be reassured that pain can be taken away by a man. Confirming that male energy is powerful enough to make her feel safe. This will open up her heart, knowing that it is safe to do so.

    A woman loves the sound of her name just like everybody else. Familarity and security is created. Connecting to a woman’s soul or spirit is what will keep her! It is what will get inside her. Focusing on her soul translates to ATTENTION. Women seek attention. The DIRECTION of your eyes fellas is an indicator to how attentive you are. Focus it on hers! This is the first link. It is like playing computer games. When you take your eyes off the screen, you lose! You need to be focused to win. While playing computer games the fingers or the pad is hardly ever looked at, the concentration is on the screen. The fingers to your pad becomes automatic. Same thing here, she will focus on you by focusing on her. Attention is a two way process, certain behaviours become automatic.

    Connection means never parting so do not break it. Increase it! The vagina connects to a woman’s body NOT her soul. She has needs to. Having sex will not keep her! It doesn’t matter how good you are, she can still cheat. Connecting to the internal components will align her emotions towards you. Making her feel connected will make her feel for you. Each path that leads to her soul will bring emotional attachment. It will increase in connection. You do yourself a disservice without connection. Focus on her soul!