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Whore (Triple Crown Publications)

Whore book

Still not sure as to whether this book is based on a true story or not but one thing that the book should teach you is that people do not grow up the same way. Despite detailed description of sexual events to have you believe that this was indeed based on the author’s own experience, who wrote this book while in jail, there are many lessons to learn.

Titles do not define a person, circumstances does. This book is not for the faint of hearts, it will stimulate emotions. Unconditional love can break many hindrances. It is so easy to point a finger at a woman and call her a whore, ignoring the fact that we are more in an unkind world striving and struggling, exercising the natural instincts to survive. Continue reading


Listening leads to Love and Security



Listening is a very, VERY, important part of EVERY relationship. Without listening nobody can learn anything. Listening is a huge and most effective part of communication and communication is key. Listening it seems is the key part of communication. A man and woman can talk and talk but without listening they are talking to themselves and they are ‘wasting’ their breath.

The stomach may be the way to a man’s heart but the ears are the way to a woman’s heart. Not just her ears but the man’s to. Being that women respond to what they hear, a man with an effective mouthpiece can get a woman smitten, interested and comfortable really quickly. The more comfortable a woman gets, the more she is willing to reveal, so this requires a man’s ears (listening) as she reveals. Continue reading

The Eyes Say It All

Eye Contact

The eyes are important when communicating with anyone. With women it is the ultimate sign of attention and respect. Eye contact shows respect to the person talking and everybody wants to be heard. The more a man maintains eye contact, the more a woman is likely to talk due to the ‘go ahead’ to do so because he shows interest. The more interest a man shows with his eyes the faster a woman gets comfortable.

Note that a man has to SHOW interests, action speaks louder than words. Most men are too busy being laid back that they fail to execute any action. A man must act first then be he can be laid back not the other way around. Eye contact makes women seem to forget about appearances and makes her just be herself. In a world where women are taught to be conservative, it is a relief for a woman to just let go and just be. It is also a release from holding back too much restraint from trying to act ladylike and ‘proper’.

A man who maintains eye contact is one who seem to put a woman in a trance. The moment is just him and her and the man becomes someone she can be herself with, afterall he shows it in his eyes. Continue reading

Rumours speculating that OJ Simpson has confessed to the murder of his ex wife (Nicole Brown) because of Oprah

OJ Simpson

“I have a dream of O.J. Simpson confessing to me,”~Oprah

Oprah Winfrey announced that she wants to interview O.J. Simpson for the Oprah Winfrey show on the condition that he confesses to the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

Oprah not only reveals that she doesn’t find him innocent but gives a condition of an interview. Rumuors is speculating that OJ Simpson has recently confessed to the 1994 incident. The story is not yet confirmed but if this confession was truly influenced by Oprah then that’s very interesting. One has to ask how much power or influence Oprah really has. Continue reading