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Grind Vs. Hustle: Why You’re Going In Circles…


This one might come left field to some cats but follow me, I believe we’re on the cusp of something bigger than we’ve ever seen before; a Hustle renaissance, if you will. I’ve been talking about having Hustle for quite a while now and occasionally I’d refer to having to ‘grind’ through the more difficult or undesirable parts of your journey to get to the promise land of silk and money. Then, as I conversed with people in my circle about how they view on progression I began to see what exactly it was that was holding so many of us back from reaching that next level: our attitude on the game of life. There is no such thing as having to ‘grind’. In the literal sense it would be you trying to wear down opposition until everything is smooth and malleable like a sandpaper job. The problem with that is in the process you will begin to get worn down yourself! I finally got why the wealthy got wealthier and the poor and broke got done in–the attitudinal and operational difference was too great.

Bruce Lee had it right…

One of his most famous quotes mentioned becoming formless and shapeless like water. Water doesn’t have to grind, it goes along its own path and over time erodes the opposition down to the point it can move freely by it, through it and over it. By taking the shape of your environment you’re able to stay incognito and find the easiest and most efficient way to carve the situation to your liking. The greatest of successes aren’t the ones that tried to go hardbody alone, like water they cultivated a following of similar droplets to take up the fight with them. Be like water, my friend.

To grind means indefinitely working harder…

When you grind, you’re putting precious energy and time into performing a task that will eventually tire you out. No Atlas type exists with the ability to hold the world on his shoulders; no matter how great your stamina, you will eventually have to stop. Doing this alone means that all of the production stops with you. Find ways to work smarter and not only save your back during the heavy lifting but implement new features (like that bright yellow forklift) that will aid you in your process.

Assets, Assets, Assets…

The wealthy have them. Not just financial one either–they have a rolodex full of people that can and will aid them to get where they need to. The object of the game is to become the ultimate puppet master who’s fingers are connected to the life strings of every sector he deals in. Networthing is the greatest skill you can have, even more so than actual talent in anything. Matter of fact, you don’t even have to be good to succeed as long as you know people who know people. I’m not condoning that last statement but dammit it’s true. Look at any form of media outlet and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

In closing; do not ever grind. Hustle.

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How to Spot a Diva

Using the Beyoncian definition of diva to be a female version of a hustler, I wanted to draw a line between the average woman and a diva and why when you seen these characteristics about her, make sure to include her on your team. These traits are essential to really building a strong foundation with her and you should almost carry around a checklist like this when you’re out in social functions so you can be prepared. Divas are on the endangered species list right now, taken over by the carnivorous chickenhead population, the ambition-less and goal challenged. We’re going to have some fun with this one so don’t take it too seriously. If you do, perhaps you need a tune up on your life goals.

She’s less interested in what you ‘do’ than in what you’re ‘building’…

The precursory “what do you do” never escapes conversation, and with good right, as it is important to gauge where you are in life presently. Why waste your time with someone who obviously isn’t on the same wavelength as you? After that’s been taken out of the mix, the conversation should progress naturally to future goals, plans and aspirations on its own. If it doesn’t, if she is cognizant that you have more to you than the nice car outside and the number of drinks she can receive from you (which should be none by the way, divas can buy their own drinks) move on to the next one. On the other hand, if she matches goal for goal with you, as equally into where you hope to go as you are in her, you definitely have the makings of a diva.

She’s learned from past mistakes…

Past mistakes could be as simple as a missed opportunity at work , a bad dating choice or as severed as having an unplanned child or young marriage but the operative here is learned. That means that she’s better for it and understands that she’s grown from it. She’s a fighter for it and that in itself is something that is essential to a diva. You might think I’m joking when I say that you will run into more mentally defeated women than you will divas but that is the truth. The same applies to men for women so you know I’m not playing the misogynistic tone here. As easy as it is to be average, the lure is a hard one to ignore.

She has a clearcut view on her life now and in the future…

She doesn’t have to have a 20 year plan or anything as stringent but she should have an idea of what she wants to do in the immediate future. The thing about self planning is it is not what you plan; but that you do. If she understands the process of drafting her ideas into tangible, reachable objects, that means that you have someone that you won’t have to stop and break down each individual step to.

She has an inkling of what Hustle truly is…

To compliment the last point a bit in this one, even if she has no clue what it is exactly that she wants to do with her life, that she knows that she needs to look for it is an accomplishment in itself. In a sense it is like the mentally ill person who understands that they are having delusions or their inner peace is off enough to warrant the attention of someone more versed in it than they. The same applies to Hustle. That innate desire to learn more, better herself and elevate her position is a driving force that will have her in a state of constant change; terrible isn’t good enough, good isn’t the best and the best can always be better.

She’s not adverse to improving herself by any means necessary…

You can tell a lot about a person by what they won’t do. Notwithstanding anything immoral, illegal or unethical, on the ascension to greatness, no stone should be unturned and paper, at any level, is still paper and worth going after. If you’re getting “I don’t want to go back to school” for a quick flip trade or second language, you’re dealing with an individual with a stunted view on growth. If she’s against working a little overtime or picking up a side gig to cover start up costs for her Hustle, you’re dealing with someone not willing to inconvenience themselves for the greater good. A diva, like her male counterpart, is willing to go to 11 to get it done without question or worry.

She doesn’t take her entertainment seriously…

Real Housewives of Atlanta, mani/pedis, what jumpoff of the moment is creeping with every rapper in the industry and the interoffice gossip network. These are examples of things that cloud the average chick’s mind day in and out. Their eyes left the prize a long time ago and instead settled on the Tivo assisted television. A woman who is about hers lets that foolishness sit right where it is supposed to be–the downtime before she goes to sleep AFTER the work is done. I’m not condoning the willing brain rot that garbage like that provides but I understand that everyone needs a vice so I won’t go overboard. A diva is well aware that the programming on the set will not make her wealthier and instead of cuing up another hour long buffoon-a-thon whenever she can, she focuses on her Hustle as her primary entertainment.

She isn’t content…

In my life I’ve had the pleasure of meeting forward thinking women who was willing to go out there and find the answer on her own; in that same breath I’ve been burdened by women who take no social clues whatsoever. These are the types that you encounter frequently who swear up and down that they’re an “independent chick” but have no independent leg to stand on. Same as some guys, having a steady job, a decent car and a good apartment is not independence. At the very most, that is a stable foundation to build on, not put up the overalls, brush the dirt from your hands and go find some lemonade to relax with. It kills me that people want cookies and gold stars for the things that they’re supposed to be doing anyways! You’re supposed to be able to do for yourself and buy yourself the occasional treat. You’re supposed to be able to go to Hawaii for your vacation. That’s not extraordinary, that’s extra ordinary! You are not supposed to be down and out on your ass kicking it Skid Row style. That’s not the place to grow from, it’s the place to go from! like 50 Cent said in “God Gave Me Style” ‘You’re out the ‘hood, that’s good/ Now stay on the grind’. Celebrate the smallest victory yet reach for the biggest accomplishment you can fathom. Being middle of the road and ho-hum will not, I repeat, will not, cut it in 2011. Success or Die.

The Meaning of Money

The root of all evil…

I heard Robert Kiyosaki say once that money isn’t the root of all evil; not having it was. I believe that because I’ve seen that firsthand. I grew up in the ‘hood and saw my peers breaking into apartments, selling dirt weed and blasting holes in one another over a few dollars. Money didn’t make them do that, the lack of it did. There were better ways of getting it to be sure but when you’re hungry or doped up on ghetto-grade narcotics you have to get it how you live.

Money is opportunity. To grow. To change. To experience. And in the streets opportunity presents itself through less than legal means the same as it presents itself through working at a chicken shack–it depends on your personal morality subset. The same evil intent that makes him stick a shottie to your ribs is the same evil intent making that corporate CEO embezzle the pensions of his employees. It isn’t the means, it’s the man.

Changing the game from the inside…

The tired analogy of playing checkers on a chess board applies but I won’t use it. Instead, let me put it to you like this: a hacker can’t create the algorithm necessary to dump a crapload of spyware on your computer without knowing how the processes in your cpu works. By learning the game of money and wealth you gain power over your situation like you’ve never seen before.

However, you have to know the rules. Of Doing Business As. Of Incorporating. Of hedge and pigeon funding. Of stock markets. Each game has its own rules and breaks to take advantage of but you will never know this from the outside. Once you get in and get in good, you can change your world by forming a cone of influence and putting your weight into avenues you care about deeply. We can sit and complain about the crooked politicians and businessmen all day long Money treebut if we’re not understanding of the methodology, we will lose out every single time.

Family values…

As aggressively as I talk about ambition and success I can see how many perceive me as money hungry. I’ve actually been called that before. This comes from my not seeing money as a physical thing but a resource to be used the same as electricity or water. God and my loved ones are as important to me as they are you yet I know I do them a disservice by not actively going out to thrive and improve my standings.

What happens when “getting by” becomes “staying afloat”? It takes more energy to swim than it does to captain a boat; not to mention being a captain is what each and every person on this planet is supposed to be doing. To me, an employee is a small notch (microscopic even) above indentured servant and I want all my CEOs to be land owners, not sharecroppers. Money is a tool to build success and ambition is the energy powering it. Don’t love money; use money.Be clear about what your future will look like and spend your time reinforcing that ideal. Your family would want that. Your chosen deity would want that. You deserve that. So why not get that?

What do you think?

We Love Our Women. Their Business Minds Too.

Sometimes, it’s hard for women to really understand how we act and why we act that way. We’re not complex beings by trade; they are. We’d prefer the toilet seat at a quick use position; they’d rather not take a midnight dip. Ockram’s razor fits nicely here too–they believe that as long as we’re sexually, physically (and for some) spiritually fed, we’re good. I kinda view that as good enough for the simple Joes.  Men of our calibre love differently. You’ve got to bring your Hustle to bed with you, mama.

Let me explain further. Halle Berry sans her money is still a pretty lady. Precious with a great heart is still Forrest Whitaker in a skirt but if she has a strong grasp on hr financial future and can bring serious capital generating ideas to the table, her looks and worth improve drastically. We wish more women knew this too. Instead of spending so much money on hair and mani/pedi, crack open that ingenuity and find ways to upgrade your bottom line. It’s good for the skin.

Will to do men’s interest in money comes from the process of obtaining it. The execution of well laid plans to a profitable fruition is a feeling unlike any in the world and a high that we’re always in search of. For ladies to not only understand this but share in the actualization of it is beyond priceless. Should any ladies be reading this, here’s a secret. Want to become “wifey material”? Increase your earning potential. Simple, right? Women who make money, rather than take money, make far better wives. That age old argument over bills will become non-existent. Back to the fellas.

It’s 2010 and we have to stop giving all that we are (our seed, livelihood and 50+ years of life) to women that bring nothing but an expectant womb and a makeup bag to the proceedings. As Riley Freeman from The Boondocks might say, “That ain’t a good look!” When in the eternal chase for chips, we should never have to look back at our partner as that slows us down. The middle of the race isn’t the time to brief her on what’s going on–save that for when you’re stretching and tying shoelaces. When the starting pistol sounds, all she needs to worry about is the proverbial sprint. If you’re looking for fun, that’s cool but a chick not about her business can’t exist in our square. She just can’t. And having just a degree doesn’t fly either.

The above is for pre-dating qualifications. What do you do when you’re in a relationship and you want to inspire growth in her Hustle? Persuade her to explore her interests in a more income-generating manner. If she asks what Hustle is, convey to her that it’s her entrepreneurial spirit and you think it would be a great idea to supplement her job money with something on the side. If you’re married or planning to be, go ahead and jump into it with her and make it a team exercise. If not, I wouldn’t suggest it because if you want to break off the relationship later, the legality of business may make that difficult. By default, women’s mindset is on building a nest and family, not financial freedom. I know you’re not with a totally inept girl so she should pick it up eventually. All she needs is a push. Or kick. Or shove. Remember that we love you. Your business mind too.

The bottom line is, a well defined grind is a thing of beauty that can compliment a beauty like no mascara or eyeliner can. What do you think?

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