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Introducing Dr-Chambers

Allow me to introduce myself ****CHAMBERS****. My information on the game will be based on developing self, interactions with each other and Respect (which is the essence of the game).

We now live in a society where unity is less but betrayl is more. Although less is more in the game (you’ll soon find out) in terms of helping each other out, it is not. This blog is our contribution towards the game and every brother here putting forth game has being schooled somehow in the game (books, experiences, listening to podcasts, watching DVDs on game and so on).

All the information on this blog is not just to put down what we have learnt but it is to unite all brothers out there and to stop the gosh damn simping (you will soon know what simping means and more).Men are leaders and we need to remind each other of that because the truth is women know how to manipulate the game, hence manipulate men to lose focus of their leadership.

Oh we are going to say some things up in here and some of you Simps will get all sensitive, all you thug wannabes may get angry either way all of you will be showing your SENSITIVITY. When or if that happens we’ll make you ask yourselves, are you really a man or a woman in disguise as a man. Leave the sensitivity to the women, its time to help each other (brothers) in the game rise.

Welcome to the brotherhood, be teaching us as well as we teaching you, thats the brother to brother way….This means leave the comments, show us any new media information that will benefit this blog, ask questions and share experiences. Many authors out there do teach men and women game we are not losing sight of that (shooot we even learnt from most of them) but we (this group) will be the first to attempt to rebuild the connection (loyalty) between men so that there will be no interference in a man’s game because of betrayl,jealousy or envy.

We are CELEBRATORS not complainers of the game.So we will be stopping all the simping we see going on I’ll tell you that.Leave the sensitivity at the door and increase the brotherhood! Let the celebrations begin!


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