Persistence is the ability to never give up no matter how big the obstacles are. It is to take a STAND even when you are experiencing self doubt, fear and disblief. Persistence is in never giving up but eventually finding a way (a weakness) to defeat the obstacle.

In the Hacker’s Community they have this motto:

To follow the path;
You have to look to the Master;
Follow the Master;
Walk beside the Master;
See through the Master;
Become the Master.

This motto explains persistence. A master (obstacle) may be bigger than you at first but if you keep enduring you learn new things about the obstacle (Master) which enables you to see the weakness of the obstacle (Master) and surpass it.

Sticking to something will soon let you be greater than the obstacle. Whenever fear knocks you should answer with FAITH. The devil uses fear, God responds to faith. Whenever there is doubt you should use courage. Dorothy Bernard once said that courage is fear that has said its prayers. So if your fears have also ‘prayed’ then there is no fear.

Another explanation about persistence can also be understood from a poem that LL Cool J’s grandma use to tell him, it goes;

When a task is once begun;
Do it until it’s done;
Be my labour, great or small;
Do it well or not at all.

See it like this, if you keep hitting a wall in the same place for days, months or years, that wall will eventually collapse. The hitting is the persistence.Persistence always leads to success.

In terms of men and women

In terms of men and women, persistence is not about the chasing. A man feels that he has to chase a woman until he ‘wears’ her out and a woman feels she has to run to give the man the chase (a challenge). Both men and women claim that they like the challenge but the truth of the matter is with chasing there is a lot of time wasted not connecting. The bond that should have been created and maintained from the beginning is not created because both man and woman are running away from each other to make the definition of chase complete.

Persistence between a man a woman is in WORDS (communication). For example:

Man:Hey afternoon, you know I got to say nice outfit (says it while smiling).
Woman:Thank you.
Man: Yeah for real, do you work out?
Woman:A little.
Man: Yeah it shows, guess thats why you feel comfortable wearing the
Woman: Yeah…lol.
Man: So listen, you know its not about keeping you, lets exchange numbers so that we can continue this later on.
Woman: I don’t give out my number sorry.
Man: Your apology is accepted so take my number instead. Here, call me when you feel like making a new friend.
Woman: I’m not going to call. I got enough friends already.
Man:Thats cute and damn near adorable, it felt good exchanging words with you [say name]
Woman:Yeah take care.
Man: Uh huh, stay cute…

Persistence is always having something to say. A man or woman should not use rudeness or angry tones but they should use tact. A man should lead the conversation to the end no matter which way it goes. Not backing down no matter what feedback the woman gives him shows his strength and through this persistence the woman is likely to be PERSUADED to give the man a chance. There is no ‘running’ involved just continuation of words till a connection is established.

For example, the above example could go:

Woman: Wait, what did you say your name was again?
Man: [says name]
Woman: I’m sorry about the attitude I put on earlier, I’m not really like that. It’s just that a lot of guys aren’t serious so a woman needs to act that way sometimes.
Man: I understand, hope you know that I didn’t do that to waste your time.
Woman:Good to know….lol.Take my number as well, call me when you feel like it.
Man: uh huh, you know I will….lol.
Woman: Take care.
Man: Take care {says her name while smiling].


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