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Chris Brown crying on stage at the BET Awards

Chris Brown

It could have been the critcism he has been getting, it could have been because he felt the song and misses Michael Jackson, either way Chris Brown’s career has been on rocky grounds since he hit Rhianna. Yet he could have hit Rhianna in self defense, he could have hit her because she kept pushing him through verbal abuse, and she could have just stepped over the line some way or another but nobody cares. Once again the woman plays the ‘victim’ and gets scott free. All she has to do is lie now because she came out with bruises.

There could be many reasons why he cried on stage but one is obvious, most one sided thinking folks (which is like 85% of the population) hate him for hitting a woman. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not in support for ANYONE getting hit, BOTH the man and woman should keep their hands to themselves, what is been said here is, don’t judge a man because the woman came out with bruises, get the facts first. Matter of fact ask yourselves, what did she do to push him that far? and better yet how?

Apart from that Chris Brown did well with the Michael Jackson tribute. His crying could even have been a tactic he was using to show the world that he will change or that he is changing. I mean he cried during the song ‘Man in the Mirror’, the lyrics to that song starts off like:

I’m Gonna Make A Change,
For Once In My Life
It’s Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . .

Crying to this song gives the implication that he was expressing himself through the words. However, whatever happened that night, a message was obtained, for me, that message is ‘It was a mistake, leave me alone, you have crucified me enough.’ Understand that those look more like tears of pain than anything else. Hopefully a lot of you can cut Chris Brizzy some slack after this but how sad it is, that it takes seeing him cry.

The Types of Women to Avoid

Ok; I didn’t want to do it. But I just couldn’t take it any more!

This post is as much for the ladies out there as it is for my dudes. More specifically for my sisters (Black Women). I’ve compiled a short list of the types of women I advise guys to avoid like the plague. Ladies, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. I don’t enjoy doing this; but maybe…just maybe…someone will read this and help themselves in the Love department. And on that note, lets get this over with

The Types of Women to Avoid

1. Those who post: “I’m an intelligent, attractive woman” on their profiles

This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Sometimes I troll the internet dating sites out of curiousity, just to see what people are putting out there. And I see this one so often that it’s become annoying.

First off, if you’re attractive, I won’t need you to tell me that. I’ll determine it on my own! Beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder. As for being intelligent: really now…do you need to advertise that? Isn’t that a given?! I hope to hell that you ARE intelligent; but again, I don’t need you telling me this. If I’m interested enough to probe further, I’ll discover this about you on my own.

Advertising your own beauty and intelligence smacks of insecurity ladies; so PLEASE stop doing it!

2. Females who brag about how ‘independent’ they are

Another annoying pet peeve. I know we had a few hit songs over the past couple of years talking about how desirable an independent woman is. But guess what: that’s a crock of crap!

No man wants to hook up seriously with a  woman with an independent attitude. Oh- we’ll hook up with you for fun; but don’t expect a serious walk down the aisle with that attitude.

Females with an independent attitude are usually chicks who carry a lot of emotional baggage aournd. They’ve been hurt by men all their lives, and have erected huge walls of emotional ambiguity as a defense mechanism. Getting through these walls  takes a ton of patience and the knowledge of a good head shrink. If you have years and years of your life to waste trying to get through to females like this, then fellas: go head and knock yourselves out!

But my time is far too precious; therefore I only look for females who have a forgiving attitude towards those who’ve caused them pain, and who display the emotional maturity of having learned empowering messages from their pain. Therefore they’ve moved beyond the past, and remain open with a positive mind towards a better future.

The problem is: these types of sisters are so rare!

3. Females who think having a college degree will compensate for good old fashioned common sense

Interesting personal observation of mine: why is it that those females who claim to be so educated are the ones who can’t seem to keep a man; are the most miserable with their lives; hate on their friend’s happiness the most; fall for the dumbest, lamest game the hardest; and can’t fuck worth a damn?!

Whenever you find someone who brags obsessively about anything, you can be sure they are overcompensating for a lack of something else in their life. Maybe they have an inferiority complex; and the thing they’re bragging on gives them a sense of validation.

A higher eduction doesn’t make you smart: it merely equips you to help manage somebody else’s business; usually for a fraction of what you probably should be making of course. Now don’t get me wrong: I’d take a smart average female over a top 10 dumb chick any day of the week! If I can’t hold a conversation with you about basic topics, I refuse to possibly mix my gene pool with yours!

A college education is good for a career in corporate America or politics, but it’s no standard quality for a successful relationship.

4. Females who refuse to state their dating preference on their online profile

This is a HUGE red flag for me. In this day and age of lesbianism and bisexuality, there’s no excuse for NOT stating your dating preference on your profile page…unless of course you’re open to being with both males and females. Which I’ve found to usually be the case. Females have gotten sneaky about sampling the forbidden fruits of same sex pleasure. They’ll inadvertantly leave off that small bit of info that lets you know which direction they swing.

Don’t be fooled fellas! These chicks know exactly what they’re doing. See, they know that lesbians and other bi chicks troll internet dating sites looking for their next sexual encounter. And these pleasure seekers know that a female who doesn’t clearly state her dating preference on her page is 9 times out of 10 bi-curious or a full time ‘swinger’. That’s how most of them connect nowadays anyway. Through the internet.

So before you start catching feelings for a chick who enjoys being strap-fucked by some other chick, keep that 3rd eye of game wide open, and peep game from every possible level.

Let’s keep the dialogue flowing. Share from your experience…

A Feminine Touch: Miami

Amanda Salsa

Hey, My name is Miami, an aspiring model and singer from Long Island. I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican. I’m very thoughtful, always looking for the answer to things and wish life for young kids like myself (I’m 18) were different. I sing mostly soul music from the heart and began doing urban modeling but soon hope to transition to fashion modeling. Thanks, Brotherhood Of The Game again, for choosing me to do this interview. If you ever wish to contact me for anything, email me at

BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement?

M: HA, what feminist movement? As far as I’m concerned, females in this day of age don’t know s**t about being treated fairly and right. Sadly, a lot weren’t taught respect. So as far as a movement, I see none besides a few young ladies and women standing on their own with that one.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction between men and women today?

M: It’s 50/50. The interaction between some is disgusting, the interaction between others is beautiful. It all depends on what the two want at that time.

BOTG: What qualities do you think it takes a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman?

M: To me, a man provides and protects. He’s loyal to his woman and kids and he teaches. He’s the strength. (a man kind of thinks like Huey Freeman) A woman heals, she nurtures/encourages her man and kids to be/do the best. She stands by their side and also steps in when the man in unavailable (they both also do so much more). So, it takes YEARS, more than 18, of being guided by wise, experienced, older people for them to become that real man and woman (Both men and women need to experience and make mistakes to be the best man or woman they can be).

These days, “that man” and “that woman” is rare to find. So we’re raising a bunch of idiots. Guys, become a man! And man up and stay in your kids lives so we can have more strong, smart men and women. Women CANNOT play mom and dad, they are capable but your taking away the woman in her and making her half of what she really needs to and can be. Solely, A WOMAN!

BOTG: What do you think are the roles of men and women in a relationship or marriage?

M: It’s an equal role. At the same time balancing each other out. He needs to protect her and she should be there to wipe his tears, plus some. You know, it varies.

BOTG: Why do you think a lot of women (especially black women) are single?

M: I think, they’re too busy recognizing men for any wrong they have done. If women can stop complaining and notice that they’re not perfect themselves and actually try to fix their flaws, then trust me, they’ll have “999 men knockin” on their door.

You probably hear plenty of women say, “There’s no good men out there” but they are so wrong, they’re just looking in the wrong places. Black women especially. Society has bashed the black man so much with media, that our growing black people think that’s how black people need to be. Some act like they have no other choice but to be O Dog and to be Q. Because of media, they don’t take the time to find themselves. So some black women don’t know what a good black man is. They not used to seeing it. They are use to all that they know. Many have no guidance. It’s a white world. White man has made the black man look sick. And the black man follows that sickening role.

BOTG: If you had the power to change the interaction between men and women what would it be?

M: Oh man, My power would be for it to be less sexual. I’m a big freak but truthfully peace is within the mind not the p***y. Feel me? Men and women would be more open and understanding if they just listen to one another. And I mean, Listen.

BOTG: What message would you give to a man that is about to approach you?

M: Breathe, be yourself, now give me your best shot. I’m lookin for a knock out so give me all that you got.

BOTG: How do you know when to give a man a chance?

M: I give him a chance when he has steady pay, transportation, and if he really knows himself and what he wants.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy.

M: A gentleman. Gentlemen are usually nice right? He opens doors for you, holds your hand crossing the street, buys you flowers and s**t, thas wusup. He’s a nice guy.

BOTG: Is been a nice guy or a gentleman a good thing?

M: Yeah being a gentleman is a very good thing. Gentlemen seem to have more control over their lives. They rather plan than jump up and do for example. At least the ones I know. That doesn’t mean gentlemen don’t do reckless s**t.

BOTG: Give your definition of a thug and why women love thugs.

M: A thug is bad ass. If he stays in trouble then he’s a thug or he’s a wanabe thug. Girls like bad boys. Maybe some for their image because, he’s considered strong and overpowering. A thug is less likely to get stepped on. Protection, that’s why girls love them. But I don’t know why the hell a woman does.

BOTG: What do you think of a man that does anything you want?

M: A p****y maybe? lol I’m frontin. He’s my dream man then. Anything I want would satisfy the hell out of me. Yet again, being spoiled doesn’t teach you nothing good, and if he leaves, who’s going to do anything I want if I can’t do it myself?

BOTG: How important is sex in a relationship?

M: VERY important. Very important. At least 3-4 times a week. Maybe more. It’s healthy for your mind body and soul.

BOTG: Would you leave a man or your husband if the sex wasn’t good?

M: Na, I’d just teach him how to make his sex better within some time. If it doesn’t work, then, I don’t even know because I never been in that position.

BOTG: What would make you go the extra mile for your man?

M: If I really knew my man was being genuine and loyal to me, then I got him. I’d do the extra mile just for him being that great of a man for himself and for me.

BOTG: Why do women compete with each other so much? (Ever heard of unity?)

M: I think it’s the whole image thing. “Look at me I’m the baddest” type s**t. Ego, bulls**t. They don’t know that they do it so men can look at them though. I really don’t know why they do that though. Maybe for the sex, for the money, for love, you know, I don’t know. I walk around in sweats and sneakers all day so.

But, if you think about it, it’s backwards. For example: sewing in weave in her hair will f**k her s**t up in no time. it will break her hair, her hair will fall out and s**t. Perms? those s***s are painful and burn your hair off. Heels? those s***s are painful and leave bunions. So why do it? Well, because it looks nice.

Men think it’s hot (yet a majority like they’re woman in sweats). If a girl says she does it to take care of herself, she’s fronting and she don’t even know it. If it was a matter of who takes care of themselves the best, no one would have on make-up, weaves, and 4-inch heels. Because she’ll actually be taking care of your skin, your body, and hair, feel me? Within time all those artificial things kill your beauty.

So they don’t compete for long lasting health and beauty for themselves. They compete because it’s a man’s world. They don’t unite because they’re insecure. Shaneece don’t like Sara lookin at her man right? No girl wants their man lookin elsewhere. Come on, overall a lot of people do not have guidance man.

BOTG: It is said that black women are the ones with the most attitude what are your opinions on this? Also what do you think are the reasons behind the attitude if you believe this to be true?

M: I don’t believe it. I believe they USED to have the most attitude, because they knew their self worth and didn’t let NO BODY disrespect them in any type of way. That’s why. They knew they were (and still are) one with the Earth. The black woman is earth ok. And they used to understand that. A lot don’t get it anymore…..

BOTG: What is the most important thing you look for in a man?

M: You mean the most important thingssss. Security, protection, humor, if he’s an intellectual and if he can provide.

BOTG: In a man’s dressing what is the most important thing you look at?

M: If you mean dressing as in what he’s wearing, I look at how neat he is. You can wear a white T, jeans, and kicks and look sloppy. Or you can wear a whte T, jeans, and some kicks and look straight off the runway.

BOTG: How do you signal to a man to approach you?

M: If he don’t see me, I approach him.

BOTG: How do you recognize confidence in a man? I mean what makes you say “yeah he has confidence”?

M: Basically, if he’s comfortable. If he isn’t stressing the environment, what he’s wearing, who’s looking at him, you know, if he needs a shape-up, then he’s pretty confident. Remember, confidence is comfortable *laughing out loud*

BOTG: What would make you give the ultimate respect to a man?

M:If he can teach something that will help me grow, if he can protect himself and his family, has respect for his mother and father (if he his pops was around), If he gets his money. If he can get through life on his own then he gets my respect. And I’d probably want to reward him with my love and loyalty since that’s such a damn turn on.

BOTG: What message would you give to every man out there?

M: Hey baby *laughing out loud*, just playin. Um, I’d say, open your mind and step out the box. Wake up your sub-concious. Ok. Shut off the f****ng tv and the radio.Your a man, you have a lot of work to do. Even if you think you’ve done it all, It isn’t over until you and the ones you love are satisfied and are living happily. Feed your people with great knowledge. And I don’t mean regular street knowledge my friend, give your people food for thought so they can forever be mentally stable. So they will never be caught slipping. Be real with your daughters, let me say that again, BE REAL WITH YOUR DAUGHTERS/SISTERS.

Teach them about sex, give them the love they need and watch what they see on tv ok? and stop teaching your sons only how to game. Teach your sons, or brothers respect. Guide them. Cause Lil Wayne can only do so much. There is so much more to life. You are our men, and we truthfully, need you. WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER TO PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN AND RUN THIS S**T. Shout out to the men who already know this. And for those who don’t, then I hope you get a vaca soon because that s**t is hard.

BOTG: Describe your best features

M: My mind and my eyes.

BOTG: What do you think of men trying to empower other men to be leaders in their relationships?

M: I think that’s great but you always have to be equal in your relationships (I don’t know exactly what you mean by this question though)

BOTG: Meaning, what do you think of a male movement, trying to empower other men to be strong men?

M: I’d feel good about it. I’d hope that it’s a movement headed towards the right way and our boys will finally become real men. That ain’t even something hard to do, it’s just up to them to speak up and be real and say “hey, i think we need a change” and really hold on to his mission.

Amanda Salsa1

Summer 2010 Challenge

It’s summer time and we have a few challenges for  our upcoming macks out here.  This challenge is geared toward our younger kats 17-26,but  anybody can partake if they desire.  We really wanna jumpstart these kats who aren’t out in the field making things happen on all fronts, and if they accept our challenge this will put the ball in motion.

1.) Talk to & meet 5 new people per day: Male or Female don’t matter just be social

2.) Increase weekly income by 10% : Do what you can, aquire a side hustle, start a business, etc.

3.) Read 1 book per week: If you have to get a library membership do so.

4.) Get  5 Numbers  per day from chicks you’re attracted too: Now getting a chick’s number is easy, and it doesn’t mean she’s really into you, but this challenge is really geared toward getting you comfortable with talking to females, and knocking that fear of rejection.

5.) Start a Weekly Workout Regimen: Make a specific weight or look for your physiqe and stick to it.

Kat Stacks Beaten in DC

Kat stacks picture

This girl is at it again and now people at retaliating. This girl needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut. To all fathers out there, don’t let your daughter walk this path. This is a hoe pretending to be a hoe to get paid, it’s sad. It is said that Bow Wow or Fabulous’s boys were the ones that beat her (this is a rumour so be careful what you believe. This chick is been displayed here to give you an example of how a woman can walk the wrong path without proper guidance).

Her response to the beating. She confirms who beat her. She really thinks that she has respect. Nevertheless she is getting attention, which she definitely wants.

She confronts who beats her. Personally it saddens me that these guys will go so far for a hoe.

Her beef with Hot Wings (a model.Still watching if she’s a hoe) but damn.

Kat Stacks gets a beating by Hot cakes at Washington DC.

Kat stacks beaten by Hot cakes

Kat stacks with friend after beating

The above picture shows Kat Stack’s friend trying to help her. Her friend picture is below.

Kat Stack with friend

Kat stacks is the definition of a hoe. She doesn’t have respect for herself and she she doesn’t care. Granted that nobody knows her life story (which is probably why she is writting a book) but to act like a hoe, be a hoe, speak hoishly and show no effort to conduct, at least a little bit of virtue, is just sad.

Dealing with the Police

Police officers are getting out of hand, and it seems more so in the US.

Police officers are just people in uniform. They are people who have been given the power to arrest people or stop people for questioning. Police officers by no way TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS but it seems like it because people give it away to them due to fear. What most people don’t know is that there are certain things that a police officer needs to ask you first before arresting you, serving you or taking you to court. There is a system to their ‘power’.

Understand that a police officer is not a lawyer or government official. This means that they know nothing about the law only what they’ve been taught. This means that what they’ve been taught to SAY and DO can be counter acted by what you SAY and DO. Provided that you handle your fears.

The true purpose of having police organizations is to protect the people. But now it is all about making money. With every arrest a police officer gets paid so some are just itching to arrest anyone for anything. From the police system then comes the court system, they are all in it together. Even the so-called lawyers ‘defending’ you play their part. It is all about money. Handle your fears!

But to be honest as long as you have a straw man (that which puts you into the system through birth certificates, driving license, bills and so on- anything with a name that you use) they can get you. The secret is to be a Sovereign.

This brings me to the UCC-1 Forms. UCC-1 Forms is the beginning to been a Sovereign. This form basically allows you to change your name and whatever they got on the system. In other words it is the first step in destroying your straw man.


These forms can be obtained for US and British system. The form can be obtained online (there are so many forms to choose from hence why no links to the forms was provided).

There was a time when my dad and I got stopped by the police. He said we ran a red light, yeah right. While he was talking I got out my phone to start recording and before I even got to the record button, he said nevermind and that we can go. Have heard similar stories. There are ways around them especially if you know you’ve done nothing wrong. This does not mean criminals get away with their crimes because a crime is a crime but staturory law and common law is different from criminal law.

FATHER KNOWS BEST – Or at least he should?

Happy Father’s Day to all my KINGS. If you are the king of your castle know this is your day. Drop some game on your kids today (and everyday) about the importance of family and let them know you are here for them.

If you have son’s make it a point TODAY to get in their ear about being a MAN. Integrity, leadership, responsibility and all other attributes of manhood should be instilled in your sons. If you are not exemplifying those things yourself then its time you do. It’s funny to know that some of us fathers are not showing our sons real manhood through daily examples. Instead our sons are seeing us on Facebook chasing females and commenting on irrelevant status quotes posted by someone who needs attention…get up and play catch with your boys…teach them something new today…let them see that their father is a real man – Give them something to aspire to.

If you have daughters make it a point TODAY to treat their mothers with respect and show your girls you are their ultimate protector. The state of the black family has been abysmal for the last decade. We have been at war with black women to the point that our daughters are seeing this discourse and being trained to be the very women we are battling with. Enough is enough. As a father you have the responsibility to show your girls what a real man is suppose to be and although you cannot raise her to become a lady you can frame the thinking for her to know what to look for and how to treat a real man. Even if you are not with the mother you can still give great insight to what a good man should be for your girls.

The generation of men before us may have weakend and went absent from some of our lives but we are doing better as the new generation of  men in the sense that we are becoming more present in our childrens lives, however – WHAT ARE YOU PRESENTING TO THEM?  Its very difficult to teach principles to your kids and expect the best from them when you are not practicing those very principles.

The images we have been seeing of  little children smoking cigarettes, pole dancing with mommy, drinking alcohol and displaying moist behavior are very disturbing to say the least.  As men we have let our lust for women create a distorted reality where we have to break into dancing when the very skanks we chose are NOT carrying our seeds.

Don’t let the women who have chosen to disrespect themselves bring that energy to your kids. CHOOSE YOUR WOMEN WISELY to aleviate this:

Be a KING. Take control of your seeds environment and know that they are a direct representation of YOU.

Again, Happy Fathers Day brothers.




The Power of Giving

Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.

Why is it important to give?

Whatever you send into the Universe comes back. Action — re-action are equal and opposite. G iving is   immportannt for the state  of  man. Giving is in harmony with the natural cycle of life.  You should make it a point when you’re successful to use your funds to help, build, and create something good in this world.

Effects of giving researched

“A researcher at the University of Oregon recently conducted a study on the brain effects of donating money to a cause.  In the study, the researchers gave subjects $100 and watched their brain activity via FMRI as the subjects were shown their money being transferred from their account directly to a foodbank’s account.  Then they did the same thing but allowed the subjects to choose how to spend their money.”

“In the automatic transfer of funds to the foodbank, pleasure areas of the brain (that are traditionally stimulated by food, sex, sweets, shelter and social connection) were significantly activated.  In the second part of the study when the subject chose to donate the money, the effect was even greater.”

You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
Zig Ziglar

“I choose to rise up out of that storm and see that in moments of desperation, fear, and helplessness, each of us can be a rainbow of hope, doing what we can to extend ourselves in kindness and grace to one another. And I know for sure that there is no them.. there’s only us.”
Oprah Winfrey

My  Charities:

How To Be ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’

Here’s a quickie for you fellas out there:

I recently heard this comment, and it makes a whole lot of sense: Contrary to popular beliefs, Women don’t like tall dark and handsome guys. What they really like are the feelings they think they’ll get from being with someone who is tall dark and handsome. If you can make her feel these feelings just from being with you, she’ll fall in love with you; just as if you were Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington.

Tall: Women like to be with a man who can make them feel safe and secure. She wants to know that if something jumps off that requires physical protection, the guy she’s with can handle it. Give her the feeling that she is safe and secure with you, and to her it’ll be like she’s with a dude that’s 7 feet tall.

Dark: Be mysterious; hard to figure out. Stop telling everything about your life upfront when you first meet a female. Stop telling her about the things that went bad in your last relationships. I have a policy when first meeting women: I never volunteer info about myself. You wanna know more about me? Ask specific questions. I try and keep the topic of the conversation aimed at her, so that she tells me all about herself. I try to remain a little dark and mysterious in my demeanor; hard to figure out. Be more like a jigsaw puzzle…the kind with 10,000 pieces that takes forever to build. She’ll enjoy the challenge of getting to know you.

Handsome: No woman wants to be with a guy that another woman doesn’t already want. So learn the art of being desirable. You may not have the natural looks of a male heartthrob. So you should follow the example of guys like the late great Notorious BIG:

“Heart-throb? Never
Black and ugly as ever, HOWEVER
I stay Gucci down to the socks
Rings and watch filled with rocks…”

If you don’t have it in the natural looks department, find a way to increase your looks. Start by keeping your hair on point. Dress better, cleaner, maybe even a bit more on the tastefully flashy side. Improve your shoe game by upgrading your kicks…buy better quality cologne to wear. Get a gym membership and start working out in earnest. Improve what you can about your physical looks, but don’t rely to heavily on them. Instead rely on being who you are: your natural personality and your game.

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking you have to pay for a woman’s affection through expensive gifts and dinner dates. Those things are nice additions that should only be introduced when you’ve put in a whole lot of time in already establishing a relationship. In other words: all that stuff comes after the relationship has been established, NOT before. Doing them just to impress a woman is deceptive on your part and gives her a false sense of who you are.

It doesn’t take money and muscles to impress a woman. You should only be using who you are: your personality and your natural energy to impress her. Anything more is just a distraction.

Remember: its the feeling a woman gets from being with you that causes her to fall for you. Your money, looks or job have little to nothing to do with it. Give her the feeling, and she’ll give you her heart.