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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Health): Nubian Heritage

A company that sells all natural products for the Nubian varieties. From soaps to body lotion, it is worth investing time to see what they do.




BROTHERHOOD WATCH: I Never Knew TV Production

A production giving many meaningful interviews with people from different walks of life. However, the interview that was done with Yahki Awakened (the nutritionist and herbalist that can break down the science of food) was very useful, informative, and enlightening.



Fascinated with other worldly occurrences, Master Teacher Llyod Strayhorn has been studying and operating with numbers for years. As an Aquarius (number 7), he has always been into the spiritual, as a child that grew up in Harlem New York, Master Teacher Llyod is known as an Astro-Numerologist, meaning he combines numbers with astrology, and therefore with the four major elements (earth, water, fire, and air).

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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Anime): The Moment Endeavour went plus ultra

If you’re a anime fan or just love the anime My Hero Academia, you’ll understand why this season 4 episode finale made fans cheer, cry, and go ballistic.

To see how this character develop from season one to season four is a reminder that we all have a choice to change.

The overall premise of this episode was about self-reflection and a man redeeming himself to the point of putting his life on the line.


Create your own stories, your own memories, and share it as you live. You don’t need to be rich to live your life. You just need to be happy and energetic! Riches will help yes, but charm and a positive state of mind will keep you in enjoying this life until you can’t anymore. Aim for the best but live! Aim to always self-improve as you live (your life story doesn’t have to be a chaotic one), and tour this life as you – the only one of your kind. Dear reader, what is your story?