Dealing with the Police

Police officers are getting out of hand, and it seems more so in the US.

Police officers are just people in uniform. They are people who have been given the power to arrest people or stop people for questioning. Police officers by no way TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS but it seems like it because people give it away to them due to fear. What most people don’t know is that there are certain things that a police officer needs to ask you first before arresting you, serving you or taking you to court. There is a system to their ‘power’.

Understand that a police officer is not a lawyer or government official. This means that they know nothing about the law only what they’ve been taught. This means that what they’ve been taught to SAY and DO can be counter acted by what you SAY and DO. Provided that you handle your fears.

The true purpose of having police organizations is to protect the people. But now it is all about making money. With every arrest a police officer gets paid so some are just itching to arrest anyone for anything. From the police system then comes the court system, they are all in it together. Even the so-called lawyers ‘defending’ you play their part. It is all about money. Handle your fears!

But to be honest as long as you have a straw man (that which puts you into the system through birth certificates, driving license, bills and so on- anything with a name that you use) they can get you. The secret is to be a Sovereign.

This brings me to the UCC-1 Forms. UCC-1 Forms is the beginning to been a Sovereign. This form basically allows you to change your name and whatever they got on the system. In other words it is the first step in destroying your straw man.


These forms can be obtained for US and British system. The form can be obtained online (there are so many forms to choose from hence why no links to the forms was provided).

There was a time when my dad and I got stopped by the police. He said we ran a red light, yeah right. While he was talking I got out my phone to start recording and before I even got to the record button, he said nevermind and that we can go. Have heard similar stories. There are ways around them especially if you know you’ve done nothing wrong. This does not mean criminals get away with their crimes because a crime is a crime but staturory law and common law is different from criminal law.


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