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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Health): Nubian Heritage

A company that sells all natural products for the Nubian varieties. From soaps to body lotion, it is worth investing time to see what they do.




Dark Girls Documentary: One of the effects of the Willie Lynch Letter

Dark Girls Poster

A lot of people have been brainwashed to think light skin is good and dark skin is bad when truth be told, if you really want to go deep into it, the daker you are, the more melanin you have to survive the sun. If you really want to go deeper than that, black is not a colour but absorbs all colours. White is a colour. So that means black absorbs white colour which contains all colours of the spectrum. In other words black contains all colours. It is the beginning. If you add all the colours in the world together, you get black (dark).

Even in religion, when it stated ‘let there be light’, darkness was first for there to be light. Light USES darkness to shine. Darkness has to be there first. Black (dark) doesn’t come from White (light) but white (light) comes from black (dark). But let’s not get scientifical, let’s stick to the surface, the visual stupidity of it all.


Slavery may be over but the programming is still on going. If you ask me what type of women I go for, I’d say both but it’s more likely I’d look at light skin more because my mother is light skin. So from a young age, my mother was the first skin colour seen, she was the first breasts sucked. My dad is much darker than my mother, that doesn’t mean there is disrespect for him or that there should be, it simply means what every eyes have seen, what every mind has confessed and what everybody knows and that is we all come in different shades and colour. Continue reading