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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Health): Nubian Heritage

A company that sells all natural products for the Nubian varieties. From soaps to body lotion, it is worth investing time to see what they do.




BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Anime): The Moment Endeavour went plus ultra

If you’re a anime fan or just love the anime My Hero Academia, you’ll understand why this season 4 episode finale made fans cheer, cry, and go ballistic.

To see how this character develop from season one to season four is a reminder that we all have a choice to change.

The overall premise of this episode was about self-reflection and a man redeeming himself to the point of putting his life on the line.


Create your own stories, your own memories, and share it as you live. You don’t need to be rich to live your life. You just need to be happy and energetic! Riches will help yes, but charm and a positive state of mind will keep you in enjoying this life until you can’t anymore. Aim for the best but live! Aim to always self-improve as you live (your life story doesn’t have to be a chaotic one), and tour this life as you – the only one of your kind. Dear reader, what is your story?

BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Magnates Media Production

Definition of Magnate – a wealthy and influential businesswoman or businessman:

Founder and CEO of this production is John Frazer.

If this production, which is based on how wealthy businesses started, doesn’t get you inspired, motivated, encouraged, or empowered, then you are watching it wrongly. The way a lot of the common companies started, ranging from Facebook, Tencent, Instagram, Cocacola, the dark web, and many more are well explained.

Magnates media not only brings focus to the positive of each wealthy business or on the women and men behind it, but on the dark side of the business as well; ranging from extreme labour conditions to poisoning.

The documentaries on each company is likely to have you addicted but most of all inspired. You will catch yourself creating new ideas and empowered to try a new venture. Afterall, the commonality between all the wealthy women and men was that they TRIED.

As they tried, they learned. Magnates media production gives emphasis and focal to these points even without meaning to. John Frazer simply tells the story of how the companies started and you learn the background of the individuals.

Magnates Media is definitely a production to look out for. If you want to be wealthy yourself some day, watching these documentaries can help.

Magnates Media (John Frazer LinkedIn)

3REE-D on the mike

3ree-d has been hitting many with is depth and metaphorical philosophy based on life and his own personal thoughts. He is a lyricist whose sole purpose is to make you think. From the spelling and pronounciation of his name to his lyrical content, everything has to be deciphered. Everything will make you think. Life may be like a box of chocolates but it’s all in 3ree-D. Continue reading

Educated Men and The Thugs

Educated black men

First of all there has to be an emphasis and a momentary pause to remind and influence the thought in the fact, notion, essence, certainty and awareness that LIFE is a lesson, therefore lessons can EDUCATE. First let this hit home! This is very important to state because going to school is not education but a form of education. Put in another way, school is harnessed education. Yet some people come out ignorant thinking that having a degree shows that one is in fact educated when education is an on going process. Continue reading

The Art of Sexual Energy

Art of Sexual Energy

The Art of Sexual Energy is covered thoroughly by the Shamans and Toltecs (meaning artist of the spirit). Sex has power and the energy can be used to heal and dream. The Earth been a living planet has masculine and feminine properties and if a warrior can link to this energy (for masculine and feminine merge together-sex) then they can not only use sex to rejuvenate but tap into the spirit realm as well.

The snake is said to be the guardian of the spirit realm and according to the Toltecs, Judeo-Christians have twisted this concept to make the snake a bad animal. Continue reading

Spectrum of Man and Woman


Man and woman are at opposite ends of a spectrum of feeling. It is this very spectrum that determines the nature of man and woman and the behaviours of man and woman.

——————–45 (135)—————-90—————- 45 (135)

Everything is in degrees just like water turning into ice and gas (steam). The highest degree in this case is 180 and a person can start at both ends (0 degree). The extreme of the spectrum of feelings is man and woman at opposite ends. In between the spectrum are those who are a woman with a woman’s body but feel like a man (45[135]-she/he) and a man with a man’s body who feels like a woman (45 [135]-he/she); therefore giving rise to homosexuality.

In between the two feelings of masculine and feminine is birth. A man and woman are born or raised feeling the way they feel due to circumstance or influence over their freewill. A woman is on the west side and man is on the east side. Man is positive (+, proton) by nature and woman is negative (-, electron) by nature, hence the two attract. Attraction is what is keeping the spectrum together. It takes man and woman for birth to happen.

West is just north horizontally and east is south horizontally. So that means north is woman and south is man vertically. All are held together by attraction. In the case of behaviour women are MORE emotional and men are MORE logical. Continue reading