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BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Soft White Underbelly Production

A production that has so far focused on doing interviews with pimps, ex-gang members, and people in the hustle.

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Fascinated with other worldly occurrences, Master Teacher Llyod Strayhorn has been studying and operating with numbers for years. As an Aquarius (number 7), he has always been into the spiritual, as a child that grew up in Harlem New York, Master Teacher Llyod is known as an Astro-Numerologist, meaning he combines numbers with astrology, and therefore with the four major elements (earth, water, fire, and air).

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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (A Feminine Touch): Jessica Opare Saforo (aka Jessica Os)

Jessica is a Ghanaian media personality, radio broadcaster, Television broadcaster, and entrepreneur. Speaking on behalf of men from time to time has gotten men listening and tuning in. With over 22 years focusing on the topic of relationships while also being a life coach, Jessica Opare Soforo is worth checking out.

BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Anthony Recenello

Mr Anthony Recenello, has for the past 15 years, has been relaying his findings to clients about dating. His online course, which he calls textual healing, and is free, is taken by many . He is also a singer and has amass a relatively big following on social media. He wrote the book The God Pill: Unlocking True Attraction, Confidence, and Happiness in Introverts: A Solution To The Toxic Red Pill Philosophy, which emphasises that dating or success in relationship is no longer about financial status or social status, but about mannerisms and behaviours. Mr Anthony Recenello, the Brotherhood Of The Game salutes you.


The of how to seduction is to improve the interaction between women and men. It is a sister to the Art Of Seductions. The aim or mission is to distribute as much resources (articles) as possible on the subject. Within three years, they aim to have over one thousand articles on every area of dating.



BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Website): Way Too Social

Way Too Social started since 2007. The man running it is majored in psychology and communication. It is a site based on the passion for studying and sharing the interaction between women and men. The website is supported by advertisement of David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating.

Business Contact Information:
Way Too Social http://www.waytoosocial.com
Attn: Chris Calo, chriscalo123@gmail.com

17534 Blv Gouin O.
Pierrefonds, Quebec
Canada H9J 1A8

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