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Brotherhood Watch: Cryptocurrency

Though there seems to be a big agenda by the ‘powers that be’ in regaining total control of the bank system and people’s lives by eventually using block-chain, that is to say a total shift of physical money to digital, some people still don’t understand the basics of joining the cryto world.

There is a lot of money to be made from cryptocurrency especially if you know how to read the trends, have an intuitive skill for the market as well as knowledge, and have the willingness to do research on businesses. So don’t quite sleep on cryptocurrency just yet despite what you’ve heard. Let’s break down joining into steps.


You’ll need to download apps so make space on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Download at least two or all the cryto apps being that not every app deals with all companies. Some apps that you can download are:

  • Coinbase
  • Binance (they’ve blocked all UK withdrawals)
  • Kucoin
  • Bitterex
  • Etoro
  • Robinhood
  • Kraken


After downloading an app or all of them, you have to invest money into some companies. You can invest small amounts, like £20 or $20, but just remember the bigger the investment the bigger the reward. But this course has risk cause if the company that you invest in isn’t doing well, which translates on business graphs as going down, then you’ll be losing money.


Learn how to read the business or market graphs and research on the market and companies. For example, if a new company comes out and they are collaborating with like Amazon, the thought behind it is that they’ll do well with such huge support therefore large sum of money can be put in.

Alternatively, you’ll have to think that being that they are a new company and haven’t reached giant status financially, if they do bad it won’t hurt Amazon especially when they have other investments. Think of both sides.


Remember that studying the market requires a lot of time. You have to put in time to get effective results.

TIP: Look into nanotechnology, XRP, XLM, XDC, Ethereum.


Brotherhood Read: The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

The writers of The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing did justice with this one. If you remember that YOU are the biggest brand in this world, you will find just how effective this book – these laws are. The laws will make you a success as well as any business you create. Branding just like marketing has laws. The 22 immutable laws of branding are:

  1. The Law of Expansion
  2. The Law of Contraction
  3. The Law of Publicity
  4. The Law of Advertising
  5. The Law of the Word
  6. The Law of Credentials
  7. The Law of Quality
  8. The Law of Category
  9. The Law of the Name
  10. The Law of Extensions
  11. The Law of Fellowship
  12. The Law of the Generic
  13. The Law of the Company
  14. The Law of Subbrands
  15. The Law of Siblings
  16. The Law of Shape
  17. The Law of Color
  18. The Law of the Borders
  19. The Law of Consistency
  20. The Law of Change
  21. The Law of Mortality
  22. The Law of Singularity

It should be noted that brands extend to the internet, and in this area, new sets of laws apply, 11 immutable ones to be specific. The 11 immutable laws of internet branding are:

  1. The Law of Either/Or
  2. The Law of Interactivity
  3. The Law of the Common Name
  4. The Law of the Proper Name
  5. The Law of Singularity
  6. The Law of Internet Advertising
  7. The Law of Globalism
  8. The Law of Time
  9. The Law of Vanity
  10. The Law of Divergence
  11. The Law of Transformation

Black Teen On Track To Become Millionaire.

Dollar sign

Mothers can help their sons in many ways. The effective way is not to try to be a man, teaching their son how to be a man but to INFLUENCE their son(s) to get their male perspective. A woman can only EXPRESS the male perspective through a female perspective. This most cetainly clashes. But mothers are needed! They can teach and influence their son(s) many things without trying so hard, preoccupying themselves to fit a father (male) role. The mother role can be effective enough, it’s just lacking another perspective (male-father).

Malaga and Marbella (Spain)

Alright, just came back from a four day holiday for one of my peoples stag do. 11 of us went and it was crazy. It was non-stop, music bumping, constant socializing, wild playing, no sleeping, partying all night long. People really do throw caution to the wind on a holiday.Gosh damn it was wild.

We went Malaga and Marbella in Spain. Check it out for real, place got some beautiful sites. The beaches there is amazing and the lifestyle there is different to. If you go to the city center, Porter Buanos (something like that), you’ll see and experience the lifestyle of the rich and wealthy. Continue reading

What’s Love Got To Do With It

No Romance

Finance, cash, gold, cheddar, paper, money or what ever you want to call it, most women will not deal with a man who doesn’t or feel that doesn’t have it. A woman basically uses a man for money and most men accept this, afterall they are providers. If a man is the provider then that makes women the supporters. But a lot of women hardly support, they want to see the incentive first. Instead of the incentive being the character of a man and the love of a man this gets overlooked for something more touchable, money.

So long as a man can and has the capbility to provide (assuming or not that she deserves it and that he wants to) women will go for him. Sadly it is when a man has money that most women are willing to stay to do their very best in support to make their relationship work. A lot of women marry for the money not the man. The financial security is all that matters. Without that there is no support. Continue reading

Mandatory Investments for Wealth

5 mandatory investments in

order to aquire wealth

Wealth described as is the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions or the control of such assets. Most people don’t understand that We’re talking more the having  real assets.  Some people say cash is king but I disagree, I say cash is King aslong as your country is.  Think about it ,the U.S. Dollar is the world standard of money, and has been purchased by various world countries in light of the “recession” attempting to fix the U.S. economy in order to save the worlds economy.  But let’s be frank If the U.S. goes to war with a superpower tommorrow, and ends up losing the U.S. will cease to exist, and the power of your already inflated greenbacks will be no more.  On the other hand It doesn’t matter what time in history or the future you live in, gold & silver are universal standards of currency.  Those two metals will always be the most valuable and act as a guideline  of value if you will.  Likewise, Land, and many other things will usually been an asset and maintain their value through the ages, while this fiat money will only have clout  with the backing of your government.  But what happens when you have no government?  This is why you have Wealthy people have their wealth tied up in worldwide real estate, businesses, foreign currency, and gold bars. If When the U.S. collaspes from its short reign, these people will be able to quickly intergrate in another country and pick up where they left off.  While the average person if he survives the rioting, and other unfathomable acts will find all of his money worthless; not to mention the fun they will have starting over from scratch in the new province controlled which ever super power oopted to control it.

Real Estate  – The number one top investment that all wealthy people make is in real estate.  They start small and move on to larger investments.  They learn and educate themselves on the real estate market and follow the trends.  They don’t keep investments longer than they make money.  .  They can buy, sell and trade with the ultimate goal to make money.  When something isn’t working they get rid of it and move on.  They take failures as a learning experience, and use those valued lessons as stepping  stones when going on their next project

Stocks – Nothing can be better than getting residual income as a result in investing in a well known or rising company.  In fact like many people I actually made a nice profit buying and selling stocks of various rising tech companies like amazon, google, and a few others who had an impressive growth spurth in the summer of 2009.  It was actually my first time trading  stock.

Business Ownership – This one should be self-explanatory, the fortune of most of the world’s elite have been created through this avenue.  This IMO is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make in your life.  Essentially investing and founding a business is truely having the confidence to invest in yourself, and your capability to not only break even but to make profit. This is also one of the only investments in which you can literally make something out of nothing finacially. 

Precious Metals – “Gold has been the universal symbol of wealth for civilizations throughout the ages. Ancient cultures created gold jewelry and early forms of money were crafted from gold. Though thousands of years have passed, the fascination with gold remains as strong as ever.”Gold isn’t the only metal out there to invest in. The three other major investment metals are platinum, palladium and silver. All have risen in price over the past several years as demand has increased around the globe. While many people associate precious metals with jewelry and coins, these metals are also used in industry. The emergence of China and India as significant players in world commerce has contributed to the higher demand for industrial purposes. 

Unconventional Investments– Unconventional investments are the earmark of the eccentric wealthy person.Weither  it be rare coins, exotic artwork, or car collections.  You always hear about these auctions that these millionaires are going to the bid on these priceless items.  My questions is who the hell do you think won these items, that’s right the wealthy.  The majority of the team these multi-millionaires and billionaires are savy to such invaulable goods and end up out bidding or just nabbing these kids before their lesser counter parts. Subsequently after holding them for a few years waiting on the value to mature and then ditching em to some new webtrepreneur who has an eye for da vinci or the son of some oil tycoon who has a fetish for 1960 era ferraris.

Walking Down Memory Lane: What Makes A Woman Good In Bed- Iceberg Slim

Iceberg Slim the Lost Interviews

Iceberg Slim aka Robert Beck (he’s Writing name). He was born Robert Lee Maupin (August 4, 1918 – April 28, 1992) and started pimping at 18 years old. He stopped pimping at the age of 42 (did 24 years of pimping) and decided to reform and give up the life of pimping after serving 10 month in prison and feeling like he contributed to the downfall of his people. At a young age Slim was given an IQ test and was classified a genius. His IQ went over 170 (Albert Einstein’s is said to have had 160). He used this genius one time to escape from prison the second time he was locked up. It was this event that extended his last time in prison when they caught up with him. He soon became a writer, writing all his experience as a pimp. Robert became a world seller, especially for two of his books, ‘PIMP’ and ‘TRICKBABY’.

After his death some people compiled books about the type of man he was and his lifestyle. One such person was Ian Whitaker who compiled a book together involving all the interviews and articles he could find on Iceberg Slim.

One of the deepest and most revealing interview, in my opinion was done in 1977 by Wendy Leigh for the book titled ‘What Makes A Woman Good In Bed.’ Wendy Leigh went round asking ‘top womanizers’ of that time this very question. Now note, Iceberg Slim had over 500 women (prostitutes) that he pimped (managed) in his lifetime. So you can conclude that he knew a thing or two about women.

The interview starts with the descript moment of nerves as Wendy Leigh organized the interview to meet him. When she finally met him, it obviously began.

Wendy Leigh
Wendy Leigh. She was 25 years old when she wrote the book What Makes A Woman Good In Bed.

What Makes A Woman Good In Bed Book

pg 93 of Iceberg Slim; The Lost Interviews by Ian Whitaker

Iceberg Slim was a pimp for over five hundred women and is author of the book Pimp and many others. When I phoned, a deep voice said, “Hello this is Iceberg, Iceberg Slim. “My blood curdled and I nearly cancelled the interview except that I didn’t dare. Iceberg greeted me with a handshake outside his house, then took me inside to a decidely domestic tea with his wife and four children.

I could never tell if a woman was going to be good in bed until she performed with me. I’ve known whores who were the ultimate projection of exciting sex, only to discover that they were not in bed, because she might end up not making money, which would lead to the worst possible confrontation: between a pimp and a job.

Pimps are asexual (not having or involving sex). I was in it for the money and not the sex. When you have a stable of twenty girls working for you, you are in trouble if you are into being a superstud. Career pimps, as I was, try to preserve themselves, to conserve their energy. I always appeared very sour, otherwise whores got you in the end.

When a pimp was hooked on a whore, we would say, “He has got that b*tch’s scent up his nose.” The essence of the woman got tied up inside their brains, weakening them.

But whores are better in bed than most women. The sexual peak is prior to the menopause for most women, the golden age for a woman to be good in bed. But age is less marketable than youth. Whores are good for acrobatics and slavish devotion—they make the best mechanics. When I say slavish devotion—a whore won’t really do anything, but she still leaves you with the impression that she has done everything—because whores use their hands, their feet, their voices—they are the like quicksilver.

They needed to be, because my whores worked eighteen hours a day, and had to bring back $100 a day, even in the thirties. I like a woman to come to me bringing a reputation for wicked eroticism. Not that she is a pushover, but that she is always free (unlike a whore) to choose whoever she goes to bed with, and that no one forces her or owns her.

There is a kindof choreography of sex that matters. Some women , after they have had sex with you for about the third time, have the aptitude to mesh with you. Everything is fluid as you move her through the various sexual positions with the pressure of your fingertips, or even the voice. She flows with you.

Erotic taste buds also make a woman good in bed, when a woman knows what you want without being told, almost by witchcraft. Also, power in bed is very important: a crossbow back, lots of strength, so that you know when you have taken her to the peak, it will be drama the moment you push her off.

I don’t think a woman is less good in bed if she takes a long time to come. I am suspicious of a woman whose furnace you can set ablaze immediately, because sometimes she is faking, or is a nymphomaniac and then you can never hope to satisfy her. Some women are very silent in bed, but I think that the best women are always those who carry on an erotic conversation, a reportage of what they are doing while you are in bed.

That is important for the man who really considers himself a great lover, because the woman heightens his glorious self-image by reporting along the way. A woman can also create a good self-image for herself by thinking of herself as an assassin, a killer in bed, with the destruction of the man her ultimate goal.

I’ve never forced a woman to do anything in bed. Women always did what I wanted anyway—they were all good partners and wanted to please me. I am not talking about whores—they try to tire pimps out with fellatio (a blow job). They do it all the time, even in the car—and they swallow (it kills oral sex if a woman refuses to swallow).

Physical build doesn’t make a woman better in bed, just different. Thin women are more susceptible to choreography, more fluidity, but plump women also compete in their own way, with warmth and softness. Chemistry has a lot to do with how good a woman is in bed. It is produced when two psyches meet and their oils, their fluids, coalesce; that is what produces good sex.

Wendy Leigh 2
Wendy Leigh

Iceberg Slim’s Books

Last year (2010), the Cash Money crew brought the publishing and printing rights to Iceberg Slim’s books.

Don’t chase, Attract or Replace!

Don't chase them, replace them cap

Definition of chase Two people running. One in front running and the one behind running after the one in front. To chase something, the one in front always has to be running.

In this case, in the case of a man and a woman, the women are usually the runners.They are the ones in front running away and the men, well most men, are usually the chasers, the ones running after the women (the runners). The definition is complete! Women call this playing hard to get. “I can’t be easy.” she will say, and “He’s got to show me that he is serious about getting with me.” is another common saying. Men call it persistence “I can’t let her get away”, “no romance without finance”, “it ain’t tricking if you got it” and “she has to know how I feel about her.” I, the Brotherhood, call it a bunch of nonsense and time wasters.

If the man and woman STOP running and FACE each other, then COMMUNICATION can happen. It is not about sex, worth, money or tiring yourself out but CONNECTION. Connection and communication are two major processes that is not allowed to happen quick enough due to all the running and ignorance of acceptance and determining worth.

They say women are choosers, yet the fact is that if a man never approaches, they cannot choose. It would be more correct and proper to say that ultimately, women are acceptors. They accept what is been given from a man. For a woman to receive the verbal exchange and feel connection, the running must stop!

There is no insinuation here that no man shouldn’t approach a woman. By all means approach as many women as you want but give no definition to chasing by tiring yourself out from running. Attract! This means working and elevating yourself so much so that it is seen and felt everywhere. This, as small or large as it may be, will take off a woman’s running shoes. She will become open to connect through and by your elevation of self.

Fellas, you’ll also have to remember and understand, that in the case of women, persistence is in words not neccessarily in action. Women respond and are smitten by what they hear. A great wordsmith can turn the meanest, baddest, chick into a tender loving kitten. In this case, it would be more effective to replace the word persistence with the word persuasion. Words and how they are put together, can persuade!

Persistence is NOT in showering a woman with gifts, poetry, phone calls and showing off (flossing). For the fact is that you may flaunt your money and get with women but you only succeed into turning a woman into a golddigger indirectly. Note, it would have been you that turned her into one. She follows your lead and sees the flaunting as natural. The respect that you may think that you are getting is a small probability of being genuine. When the money goes, which is the reason for her direct or indirect manipulation combined with the illusion of respect, she goes! Again, words can persuade so you can get her back. Work on your mouth piece!

If a woman doesn’t want to stop running and stop giving you the chase, then replace. Connection and communication are factors that mend things, create things and clears up misunderstandings. If she doesn’t want to go through the process and shuts you out, yet still argues, insult and disrespect, saying that you don’t understand her and that it is none of your business; a relationship will go sour and marriage will lead to divorce. It would be expected.

If you’ve approached and she doesn’t take time to listen, it’s her lost! Not only that but she has exposed the lack of ability to communicate and to easily connect. Note: A woman doesn’t have to listen or connect with you but she definitely doesn’t have to be rude or harsh about it. You’ve done nothing wrong but exercise the process of nature by trying to obtain and connect with what you like.

A person’s worth and value can only be observed, detected, accepted and appreciated if time is INVESTED TOGETHER. A man and woman cannot be together and build anything if they are always running. It surprises me that most women don’t get this! Physical connection is one thing but most women will never experience mental or spiritual connection with a man because of all the hurdle and tests they make men go through. “He’s got to learn.”, “I’m worth the chase”, “Buy me this, buy me that.” Most women will keep running to gain constant attention and appreciation from the attention. This is equivalent to dangling a carrot in front of a donkey to get it to move.

Don’t chase! Attract or Replace! A lot of women are time wasters and not worth your time and your money.

The ratio of men to women is 4:1. This means that every man in this world can have four women. Some statistics even say that it is 7:1.