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Energy + Motion = E-motion

Energy in motion circulates the body constantly and when acted upon it becomes action (Act + Motion = Action). This is why there is a difference between motive and action. Emotions can bring out the best or worst in a person. Emotions can either create or destroy and when put into action, it becomes work done. Emotions are real. Continue reading


Spectrum of Man and Woman


Man and woman are at opposite ends of a spectrum of feeling. It is this very spectrum that determines the nature of man and woman and the behaviours of man and woman.

——————–45 (135)—————-90—————- 45 (135)

Everything is in degrees just like water turning into ice and gas (steam). The highest degree in this case is 180 and a person can start at both ends (0 degree). The extreme of the spectrum of feelings is man and woman at opposite ends. In between the spectrum are those who are a woman with a woman’s body but feel like a man (45[135]-she/he) and a man with a man’s body who feels like a woman (45 [135]-he/she); therefore giving rise to homosexuality.

In between the two feelings of masculine and feminine is birth. A man and woman are born or raised feeling the way they feel due to circumstance or influence over their freewill. A woman is on the west side and man is on the east side. Man is positive (+, proton) by nature and woman is negative (-, electron) by nature, hence the two attract. Attraction is what is keeping the spectrum together. It takes man and woman for birth to happen.

West is just north horizontally and east is south horizontally. So that means north is woman and south is man vertically. All are held together by attraction. In the case of behaviour women are MORE emotional and men are MORE logical. Continue reading

Trust only when the woman is ready to be trusted


Everything in life is made up of masculine (+) and Feminine (-) attributes. This is called the law of polarity. It was first realized and introduced by the ancient Khemites (Egyptians) by Tehuti (Thoth) himself.

When it comes to men and women, men are the positive (+) meaning external, women are negative (-) meaning internal.

Positive (+) and negative (-) = attraction.

Attraction must be maintained by men by staying masculine and by women staying feminine.

Love (+) and Lust (-) merged together = Pure Love

This is the same as saying:

Men and women merged (coming together) = Pure Love.

Note lust (-) is a part of love (+) that is why it can be merged. Also note that it is the negative part of love which is woman, the feminine attribute. Women have more sexual components built for sex, they are more lust filled than men but conservative about it. Conservative does not mean eliminated or eradicated.

Women (-) have more impulse to have sex and will have it with a masculine (+) man. They are likely to have it with a man that they think or feel is more masculine even if they have a man.

Logic (+) and Emotions (-) together = Balance, stability.

An imbalance in this causes problems. Out of emotions, a woman will act on her lust. It doesn’t have to be logical, she simply needs masculinity. A man is with lust to but not as much as woman, who is conserved about it. The expressions of love for a man (+) is not about tending, proving or becoming a slave to woman (-), it is being SMOOTH. Cool, calm and collected are better personas than antics. Smooth in speech, action and in appearance (in terms of been clean) brings better and effect results. Not nice but smooth.

Smoothness comes with no verbal abuse or physical abuse but it is not devoid of teasing and playfulness as this translates to being fun or funny, eliminating boredom in relationship.

Cheating 2

Trust cannot and should not be given straight away but earned. A woman’s polarity (-) has to first turn into positive (+). Once her lust (-) turns positive, it turns to love (+). Once it turns to love, love becomes pure. A woman is internal, everything is inside. Her feelings, her organs and her agendas. The dick alone won’t do it. Every man has a dick, the external (+) attribute of a man, so it’s not enough. Masculinity (+) will do it!

A woman cannot and should not begin to be trusted until she is emotionally attached. In other words, trust can only truly begin until her emotions attach to love (+), the male attribue, and changes her polarity. She doesn’t really have to understand it but accept.

Man (+) is not without assessment here, for man tend to go out and spread his love and can be illustrated by the spreading of his seed (sperm) to every woman (-) he meets. He is afterall the giver while women are the receivers. For a woman to receive she has accepted the man. A man needs to earn trust to but a woman’s nature is completely different. Continue reading

CNN: Women finally realize feminism has failed

Feminism picture

The negative results of feminism was predictable. A woman cannot fight for equality because men and women are NOT the same. A woman by all means should fight for her rights, fight for justice and liberty but for equality, something that can never happen due to the makeup of life, is not going to happen. WE are SUPPOSE to be different! Still, some women have not and cannot embrace their femininity, blinded to the fact that just being a woman is important to.

Women seem to validate their femininity by trying to be like a man. The ‘anything you can do I can do better’ mantra is constantly playing in most women’s head. They are forgetting how to be woman which is causing their own unhappiness. Going against your own nature will do that. Till a woman embraces her roles and nuturing nature and set aside trying to be better than a man, then the mist will be lifted for them to see that we are meant to be COMPLEMENTING each other not battling.

We now live in an emotional driven era, where women are unhappy. Putting logic before emotion has been lost in emotion, it’s so sad. Men are becoming more and more feminine and more and more sensitive. Men who are suppose to leaders are turning like women themselves which is decreasing the male energy and roles to help a woman be a woman. Everything is in turmoil. Believe me, we men are unhappy to (well most of us).

ANTIMOISTMOVEMENT [Decide for yourself]

Eka Samone: Regarding Love

Eka Samone

Big difference between sex and love. Love does not equate to sex. Even rats, roaches, flies have sex and they do it for the sole purpose of procreating not to fall in love. Only us, the humans, the top animals called Homosapiens (latin word meaning “wise man” or “knowing man”), get it confused sometimes.

It is true, emotions play a big part in a relationship and during sex (makes it more enjoyable if women feel an emotional rollercoaster of pleasure and pain during sex) but sex and love are two different thing. Sex is physical, love is mental. The mental always comes first, always! The mind is the master of the body. The body is it’s pupil. Sex feels good but to call it love, cmonnn, most of you fellas need to calm down!

He who Masters himself…


He who masters his emotions, masters himself. He who masters himself, masters his surroundings. Emotions are unstable and will make you do things that you will regret. Everything about us are based on emotions. Women tend to be more emotional. According to the Toltecs (meaning artists of the spirit) emotions are the only real thing about life, the rest is all a dream.

Emotions can either lift another or degrade another. The Incredible hulk is the personification and general symbol of how emotions can make us lose control. Although he epitomises one emotion which is anger. It is anger that usually ends relationships. Out of anger comes pride, hate and misjudgements. Such emotions or feelings worsen the situation and reinforce the destructive behaviours.

Although partners may feel good and exhilarated from feeling powerful after proving a point and making their partner feel bad, it is an empty victory. Deeper and rooted in all problems and obstacles in relationships is fear. Fear of losing someone you love can bring about anger when it seems like you are losing.

We all can fall victims to our emotions. When Bruce Banner turns into the hulk he has no recollection as to what he has done or who he has hurt. Very accurate of anger, we destroy our relationships and don’t know why we did or are doing what we are doing. If we do know the reason, it is later lost in anger or grudges. We then stunt ourselves from assessing what made us destroy it with pride till guilt settles in. Through guilt and assessment we realize just how stupid and unreasonable we have been. He who masters his emotions will always see reasonability.

Our individual journey must also be one of control. Bruce Banner journeyed everywhere trying to find a cure and methods of control to tame the beast. Yet little things could cloud his judgment making him lose it. What we really lose is our sanity. For a brief moment we are not ourselves, we are the hulk only to wake up later on after a lot of damage has been done. He who masters his emotions is always in control. Continue reading

Hot Alpha Female (Jennell)

Hot Alpha Female

This lady goes as far as to do research on men’s behalf. She explains, gestures and express to men about what women want. She works for male improvement and empowerment so that men can exercise leadership in their relationships and be unafraid to do so.


Be Cool!

sun and water

The planet gravitates and orbits around the sun, a star. Astronomically, men are the sun and women are the moon (a planet). The sun seem to rise and fall due to the turning of the Earth (a planet, a ‘woman’-hence the term MOTHER Earth). The moon goes through four major phases (there are actually 8 phases but four major ones): 1) New Moon, 2) the 1st Quarter, 3) Full Moon, and 4) The 3rd (or last) Quarter, then back to New Moon again.

Sun and moon analogy
Sun (man’s emotions) and Moon (woman’s emotions-emotional) analogy. Note how the sun is fixed but the moon goes through different phases affected by the Earth (a planet, another ‘woman’) and the sun (a man).

Don’t worry, I’m not going into the Bella, men fighting over one woman with shirts off saga; I mean Twilight saga, but all you need to know is that men’s emotions are like the sun, rising and falling and women’s emotions are like the moon, going through phases and unstable. The word emotional is equivalent to the phases of the moon. These phases are caused by the turning of the Earth (a planet, another ‘woman’) and by the sun (a ‘man’) when it nears or passes it. It is important to note that the moon’s gravitational field is linked with that of Earth, meaning it turns when the Earth turns.

In the animal kingdom, a male lion (the king of the jungle) has like four or five lionesses (‘wives’) feeding him as they are the ones that actually hunt, catering to him and giving him a heir (cub, a son or daughter). The male lion, protects! This setting and grouping and system, is called a PRIDE. Nobody complains about this structure or word when it comes to the Lions. The male lion, sees his lionesses, his family as his pride. This is natural. He is a lion being a lion.

The lionesses (females), gravitate towards the male lion, nurturing him and staying by him for protection. A male lion may sleep all day but trust me when I say that they are the best hunters in the world. Everything about them from their whiskers to their toes is engineered for hunting.The male lion is kept strong and kept king by the lionesses cater. This is the unity of strength and nurture at work.

A male Lion
A male Lion

Lion and Lionessess
A male lion surrounded by three of his lionesses

Continue reading

Too much of anything is bad

Too much work

A man and a woman are different in nature. Most men spend most of their time trying to make a woman obsesssed and ‘hynoptized’ by placing her on a pesdestral, demostrated by the overhyped, unnecessary and undeserved gestures that he feels only he can do due to finance and admiration, enabling him to execute his feelings of his like and love for the woman.

He makes his happiness dependent on a woman, forgetting that because she is different from him and is unable to fully grasp the type of man he is unless she is taught, she may take a while to understand him. The man “razzled dazzled” by the woman, feeling that he has struck gold and that his happiness is complete, confuses affection with love and suffocates the woman, lacking the understanding and the sense to know that a man, a true to the core man doesn’t behave in such a manner as to put a woman above himself and others.

She is different but equal and unable to see this, he traps himself in a lifetime of confusion and irritation from been disrespected, used and insulted. The woman who has now seen nothing but a slave doing her every whim and getting her everything-the world, now feels like a master who can click her fingers whenever she needs anything. Why oh why she ask herself, should she be so stupid enough to give the slave what he wants and love him when she can get anything she wants? If she did, he would no longer be a slave.

Then a realization hits her and deliverance from any guilt that she may be feeling and burying from using the man for selfish means is released as she understands that she cannot love such a man because she doesn’t see a man. She is blinded from his attempts to show manhood yet awake to the fact that the man’s display of love of acquiring her, like she can be bought like a piece of meat, is not manhood. She leaves or tolerates him with disrespect or if she is not in a relationship with him, keep him chasing.

Love that beautiful and wonderful essence that is pure, true and elevates is pushed aside and replaced with hate if not irritation. The man starts to attempt to rectify his mistakes or show difference in behaviour but this translates to indesciveness and inconsistency. The woman’s negative reactions brings about the change and the man tries to change the way he serves not yet understanding that she doesn’t want to be served but led.

For although she asks for the world, she has to know why she is given anything and if she is truly deserving of such expressive treatments. She has to feel like she has passed some manly test to receive her reward happily, saying and meaning it heartedly, that “this is mine.” Although women, the beautiful, devious, manipulative, yet nuturing, affectionate, ego boosters that they are, put a man through many tests, no matter how hard and well laid out it may be, it can be passed with manhood.

Male energy is all that is needed for any diabolical scheme and plots from feminine demise. Just like too much sweets will rotten the teeth as well as destroy the gums, affection from a man has to be given in bits and long enough to be appreciated. It is not a crime or lame to etch into the skull, the memory, that too much of anything is bad. Though the woman will ‘kick and scream’ for more sweets as a form of test to see what her man will do and whether she will be rewarded for her childish, immature behaviour, it is up to the man to say no, correcting her and letting her know, reassuring her that he is a man and will not be dominated by female energy because being a female, although its in his DNA because of his mother is not his nature.

By this unaffected and strong display of character the woman accepts and submits to his leadership and his particular gestures of his personality and individuality. She feels safe knowing that she no longer has to restrain and hide her feminine ways under an icy and almost unexplained, confusing attitude created as an attempt to hide her emotional nature from hurt and pain. Most importantly she feels no insinuation and mannerism that she is a possession or something to be reached or obtained. A sense of partnership devours her fears and curisosity from uncertainty.

In the end, although the attempting square is in no way physically hurting his subject of desire, psychologically she is bored, unfulfilled and influenced to manipulate the situation to see just how far a man would go with his winning and dining, his gifts and sudden expectations for a stranger. She waits as she manipulates as respect for him decreases for the man to use his words notoriously and smoothly to get to know who he is dealing with. After all she is a woman and women enjoy and delight in the fine art of communication. If he does know her and has been with her for a while, she manipulates the situation mostly to teach him a lesson.

In the end a man who lets a woman be and treats her on equal terms but differently due to the fact that she is different in nature, is the one that can co-exist together and destroy the resentments and boredom in his relationship.

The same happens in business where to close a deal, gifts upon gifts are given to impress and show eagerness to represent a person, skilled and wanted. Eventually the person ends up going to the business that was more truthful, real to his needs and wasn’t all about money. Relationship is like a business where it is assigned by nature for a man, physical, one minded and more logical first, is leader and the woman, emotional, multi-thinking and tasking and more nuturing first, is a manager.

To lead such a bussiness and partnership the man must and be capable to use his time and development with an ambitious mind to turn his business into an empire, a success that enables him to relax deservingly personally and financially. His woman, razzled dazzled by her man’s ambition and determination to elevate himself and her, will be more than willing to help and more willing to push herself and do what it takes, submitting so that he is able to lead as she manages.

Most men mean well with their outlandish antics and find it hard not to do too much, too soon but ending up like most, learning the harsh, violent and radical effects that teaches them the hard, merciless lessons, that doing too much will backfire in hurtful ways. Square players although dipped and concentrated in the game but ignoring some lessons of the game exercised by not fully trusting the game with its rules, principles and unwritten laws to abide by it, end up doing too much. The result is the showing of simpish and lame behaviour that could cause all women to harden and generalize that all men are the same.

Ultimately it is not about the woman and or what she has but about a man’s selfish needs to acquire something in a selfish and uncreative way. For although he is a ‘hunter’ showing that he goes after what he wants, the ‘prey’, there are effective strategies. Even a deer will run away by too much noise, sensing the eagerness and desperation of the hunter. A woman is more smitten by words than materials and more stimulated by well thought out, no matter how small, gestures that shows a man’s ability to get through to her mind and her harden gatetway to her heart with such minimal display of affection but large and meaningful intent. He shows that he is serious with minimal yet natural and heart felt execution.

A man can tire himself out chasing and chasing, keeping her running and running cause the chase is not just in the approach but in displays after displays of wasted time without words–that which she is truly smitten by. It is said that time is money, these squares with hearts of gold, but projecting clay and its properties of softness would be bankrupted.

A man’s attention should be on himself and business, striving to self improve. This causes a lot of gravitational pull, the attraction that he needs to get a woman or women willing to manage for him as he leads. Her attentiveness to him will come with a wonderous and curious eyes to adapt to the mystery and recurring thoughts of who he is and certainty that indeed he will be successful by the way he invests his time in his purpose. He doesn’t have to do much or too much but focus on himself and mission. Too much of anything is bad and when men stop chasing, they can rest and feel rejuvenated by this universal truth.

Never give up!

Never give up

Things are going to happen in your life that will make you want to give up on yourself. Plans don’t always go accordingly and the unexpected catches you off guard. True test of character is revealed in the moment of crisis. Confront your challenges! Shying away from problems makes it bigger than it is. It gives problems power. Life is a lesson and some lessons are tough but school is in session.

Things will definitely go wrong. Relationships break up, jobs are lost,or someone dies. Life can be draining, depressing and cruel in many ways. If you let it, it will beat you. Struggle means that you haven’t been defeated. So struggle against this opponent called life to show that you can and will fight back. You are not an easy opponent. The worthy opponent is the one that accepts the challenges! The worthy opponent is the one who gets cut but don’t bleed. It is the one that keeps getting up. He or she proves their worth in life.

The world will hate you the more you love yourself. This is no reason to give up. Somebody will mention something negative about your looks, family, and life. This is no reason to give. You may lose everything and feel like there is no hope. There is always hope, don’t give up! Hope is always there when a person doesn’t quit. Giving up is what removes it. If you claim that you are a child of God, that means you are gods amongst men. A deer gives birth to a deer, a lion to a lion, dogs to dogs and so been a CHILD of God makes you a god. Only God can give ‘birth’ to gods.

Pain is simply a sensation telling you that you are still alive. It was Ghandi that said, nothing can hurt you without YOUR permission. It was Rza that said if you live through defeat, you are not defeated. It is tough for the rich and poor alike. True surviviors are those who don’t quit. Quitting on yourself is a disservice, a sin and dishonour to yourself. Never give up! Life is filled with many tests. Pass!