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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Anime): The Moment Endeavour went plus ultra

If you’re a anime fan or just love the anime My Hero Academia, you’ll understand why this season 4 episode finale made fans cheer, cry, and go ballistic.

To see how this character develop from season one to season four is a reminder that we all have a choice to change.

The overall premise of this episode was about self-reflection and a man redeeming himself to the point of putting his life on the line.


Robert Greene: Laws of Power and Seduction

Robert Greene

Robert Greene is one of those writers who takes time doing plenty of research. He is thorough. To see patterns from case scenarios and events, allowing him to see the laws of power, seduction and strategies is by far claimed and concluded as an amazing thing.

Robert Greene is highly commended and a serious author in his works. To back up every law, seduction and strategies in detail with history is truly remarkable. The 48 Laws of Power should not be underestimated. Matter of fact any of Robert Greene’s book poses as references to study and instill into life. This author does not play around and it definitely shows in his books and audio. Continue reading

Game from the Script: A Course In Miracles

Course In Miracles

Excerpt, pg 40 [Perception vs Knowledge]

We have been emphasizing perception, and have said very little about knowledge as yet. This is because perception must be STRAIGHTENED out before you can know anything. To know is to be certain. Uncertainty means that you do not know. Knowledge is power because it is certain, and certainty is strength. Perception is temporary. As an attribute of the belief in space and time, it is subject to either fear or love. Misconceptions produce fear and true perceptions foster love, but neither brings certainty because all perception varies. That is why it is not knowledge. True perception is the basis for knowledge, but knowing is the affirmation of truth and beyond all perceptions….~ Courses In Miracles, pg 40

A Course in Miracles began with the sudden decision of two people to join in a common goal. Their names were Helen Schucman and William Thetford, Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. They were anything but spiritual. Continue reading